cancel and re order pyra, with pre-preorder voucher


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May 15, 2012
I preordered the Pyra using a pre-preorder voucher, but I selected payment by wire transfer, which I figured out is not what I want.
I see I can withdraw order via the contact form on dragonbox shop. I just need to know if this will affect my pre-preorder voucher at all, I can still use it in that case right?
How would you like to pay? I might be able to send you a manual invoice via the payment service.
I would like to pay with a debit card too (UK). Is this possible?

Failing this I'll probably buy dragonbox shop vouchers via PayPal.
In the UK it's common to have debit cards that are used the same way as credit cards. I have a debit card I could have used to preorder, but my credit card is cheaper for making non-GBP payments.

Checked the shop: it should be possible if the debit card is Visa or Maestro. In the UK, most of them are now (it wasn't so much the case a few years ago).
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Verified - I used a visa debt card, only glitch was that the original attempt was denied by Visa, I needed to call my bank, who in turn needed to contact Visa for me and have the block removed. 10 minutes later, order processed, no problem.
I paid the extra in addition to my pre pre order with a Visa Debit card, and one I got past Verified by Visa (first go thank God!) it all went through ok!

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