Beta Beta; Minimenu With Toggle Detail Panel Support


Internal Development
Mar 11, 2003
You need a tiny bit of file copying here (command line, or even Thunar file browser if it can handle sudo properly, I don't recall offhand.)

This build of minimenu is relatively untested, but seems stable enough for me :)
- runs a little faster
- hitting 'A' will toggle detail panel on/off, if the skin supports it. (If the skin doesn't support it, nothing happens.)
- has Plengs 'live on app run' request, so you can go to config and flag it; when you run a app, mmenu doesn't exit. Very few people will want this feature right now, but coudl be handy later.

Grab the two files here:

1) 'mmenu' is the main executable; you can sudo to root and copy it over /usr/bin/mmenu if you want to replace your current one. (or run it from SD by hand if you like, such as /media/FOO/mmenu from a shell to test it. The full would be 'mmwraper -f/media/FOO/mmenu' for example to make it fully operational for that run.)

2) The skin; if you want detail toggle to work, you need to update the skin. The default skin can handle it by using this skin file, so .. mmskin.conf file above, copy it to /etc/pandora/mmenu/skins/default/mmskin.conf or whatever

So in theory, running this binary should just work; if you don't copy over the skin file, it'll work as it always does. If you do copy over mmskin.conf for the default skin, you'll be able to hit A and toggle the detail panel on and off.

Updating your skins is trivial (duplicate a few lines in your mmskin.conf and then change them a bit for new positioning; ie: a few config keys need additional _w versions for 'wide mode')

But I wouldn't worry about updating your home made skins yet, since I'll be adding a pile more skin changes in soon, likely.

Let me know if it works, or explodes, for you :)