@ptitSeb : thanks for the update ! The new version didn't play well with the existing appdata folder (lots of white artifacts on screen, very slow (a couple of FPS), used to crash back to the desktop during the demo...), so I removed it and will start again from a clean slate. I'll keep you posted of course :)

Cheers, Magic Sam
[doublepost=1543252798,1543226391][/doublepost]Hi all :)

@ptitSeb: this new version takes longer to load (saved games, demos) than before, and I think it now requires a swap file (~50MB of RAM left out of ~512 on my Rebirth last time I played). It also feels slower, but it could just be my memory playing me tricks :p

Cheers, Magic Sam
It's possible it's a bit slower. This version needed the "LIBGL_MIPMAP=3" switch on gl4es to disable the use of Mipmap, or many texture wont show correctly. That means some things have changed in the engine (I don't know why)
Hi all !

@ptitSeb : I reached level 5 again (easiest difficulty setting) :D I think the issues I reported earlier (underwater / reflective shots performance drop) are gone now in this new version, as per the changelog. The game also feels much slower than before (~10 FPS @ 1GHz on my Rebirth w/ SGX driver 4.10). I also noticed some short "freezes" every now and then...

Does the main author know about this port ? Maybe he could give you some hints regarding the changes he made to the engine ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
I don't think the author is aware of this port. Also, keep in mind that I don't have access to the sources, I'm just putting arm native libs together with the jar, and that's it.
I tried to use "LIBGL_BATCH=5" to see if batching can help... and well, it doesn't hurt, but I'm not sure it's faster with batching. I need to do a bit more test.
Hi all :)

@ptitSeb : I completed the first episode :) The boss level was quite slow (~5 FPS) but doable.

Now heading to Antartica it seems !

Cheers, Magic Sam