C64 DB9 compatibility


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Mar 9, 2010
So, my C64 stick is a bit flakey unfortunately. I'll get a new one soon.
For the interim, i was just about to dig out a 2600 controller or a Sega pad.
I've read before of Megadrive pads, might, cause damage to the C64 internals due to drawing more power.
Is this correct?
Does anyone know what would be completely safe to use, i have 2600, Megadrive, Master System controllers here, but would rather pass on playing more Bombjack tonight if it might cause damage to the C64.
I've tried my Cheatah 125+ from my Speccy as figured that's compatible anyway with the black port, but that's also a bit flakey.
Need to buy good condition ones on payday but for now...

Megadrive pads while wired similarly does a bit of odd things to accommodate more buttons, like constantly polling and changing the states from low to high, so I wouldn't doubt there may be some issues with using them with the C64 potentially doing some damage.

Although thinking about it more, most likely what would happen is you'd essentially only get the low state, essentially only giving you up and down and leave you without left and right? I'd need to try it out.

More info here:
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People use megadrive pads with Amigas, I'd think they'd behave similarly?
From what I understand (From a quick google search) they need to be modded to work properly... for example the ADOOM FAQ claims this:
"A Sega Genesis controller may be use on the Amiga as long
as you swap lines 5 & 7, and put a 470 ohm resistor
between lines 5 & 7."
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FWIW, the atari standard joystick connector uses a DE-9 connector, not a DB-9 one. A DB-9 connector would be nine pins in a shell the size of a DB-25 printer port, which would be an odd connector indeed!
I've never heard that a C64 joystick port died, so they seem to be pretty robust.
An Atari2600 stick will certainly work though :)

BTW: I got new Competition Pro sticks in my shop :D
Master system controller worked very well for me back in the day.

But the Quickshot gamepad i have now is much better, XD

BTW: I got new Competition Pro sticks in my shop :D

In the first two Explora Commodore events, it was the most used one. I don't think this year is going to be different, XD
The product page has this to say on the subject:

This reproduction is a LOT better than the Competition Pro USB variant that has been released a few years ago. It has been faithfully recreated, it plays the same as the original one and is as robust as well.
Yeah I read that, I do trust ED but I would also like a 2nd opinion as they aren't cheap.
Cheers guys :)
I'll use my Master System pad for now then, and on payday, order myself a new Competition Pro
I modded a mega drive 3 button controller for amiga compatibility. Take a look at the pin outs:

Atari/C64/etc etc:

SEGA Megadrive:

SEGA Master System:

The 5V line is on pin 5 with the SEGA controllers and on pin 7 in an atari joystick.

@Fzero Not sure about the C64, but it sure can damage an Amiga without doing a mod before and switching those lines.

EDIT: corrected number switcheroo and embedded the images.