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Sep 19, 2005
Brisbane, Australia
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The contact page for lists and as their contact details. Are these email addresses correct? I sent an email to about my pre-order but have not got a reply as yet.

Perhaps people here who have dealt with GBAX before can confirm. Do they use the credit card billing address as the delivery address? Because if they do, I'm guessing mine is not going to arrive because my CC billing address is a post office box in Australia. The Protx website recommended entering 000 as the post code for non-UK billing addresses, but then had nowhere to enter a delivery address.
Cool. Thanks guys. I'll wait a few days longer, then maybe fire off another email if I haven't heard anything. I'm excited about the GP2X. I haven't followed the GP32 scene much, but the GP2X looks like just the ticket to rekindle the joy of game development. Commercial game development on the consoles has done its best to kill any joy that I had left.

Yeah, I'm one of the newbies courtesy of /. :)
All the stores are probably being flooded right now with emails and order processing, so it could take a day or two to get a reply. Plus Craig is also doing work to get commercial games lined up, so he must be very busy right now.

I haven't heard from GP32Z yet on an email (about the dev donation fund) I sent yesterday early morning, and he knows me very well.