Requesting Opt To Set Up Contact Details


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Sep 11, 2008
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This is a request to OPT to set up some kind of contact email address or a sticky thred where people can leave details if the wish to travel to Craig's place and help with production ,i ask for this as i am trying to sort out some time off so i can help but also becase it may be possible Craig and Ed have their PM status set to block all and both guys do not have lots of time to spend on the forum.

From what i gather the guys are very busy and Craig even hinted at needing a day off ,can't blame him as he is the one setting everything up,making sure guests are taken care of and runnning well just about everything so he will have no spare time to breath ,also Ed will only be in the uk till nxt monday and while OPT are trying to streamline the production making things run smoother for the nxt shippment of cases we will be needing some Volunteers over the coming weeks.

An email adress just for help requests would be best and it means people don't need to ask directly on the forum and OPT could look at the dates people have given and make a schedule so there are not too many people in one day and no help the next ,as i say i am still trying to get two days free so i can help but i would like to ask directly instead of the forums but theres no option as yet so it makes sense to have a direct email setup.
Craig had a thread (maybe he did not make it) and people were offering. It kinda died out. You might be better to PM or question him via is Twitter.

Edit: You MIGHT be able to try a different route.
Email openpandorasales and let me know what you want to do and maybe they will forward it to Craig.

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