Reordering Deadline


I originally preordered my pandora when they first came available, and did it with a credit card. Later, I received the re-order e-mail saying that the credit card reorder site will be up soon. I answered to it that i want to pay with a credit card and i got this answer:


No problem, we'll send you the link to re-order by credit/debit card
as soon as the page is available.



Thought it took pretty long, so I came here on the forums to take a peek... and here it says that CC-ordering won't be possible and that I should have taken action more than a month ago! I'm pretty disappointed now :angry: ... Does this mean I won't be getting a pandora from the first batch? If it's still possible what do I have to do?
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I'm pretty late from the date of this post, but I still e-mailed... Hopeful but if not I hope there will at least be a second batch.
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Chin up, have confidence. OpenPandora love deadlines. They like the sound as they whizz past their ears, otherwise completely ignored.

Payment deadlines are basically the stick to accompany the carrot of the Pandora, so there is a good chance they will accept your money IMHO.
"Deadlines are provided for entertainment purposes only"
i had an email last friday from openpandora reminding me that i still havent re ordered and that i had 5 days to pay if i wanted to have one. I initially decided against re ordering due to other financial commitments but in the end quake3 running on the blog sold it for me. I say, there might just be a chance if your an original pre orderer to re order. (i would recommend paying it direct into barkleys bank account - like i did on tuesday with their account number and sort code)
I got the same message today - and I am in the amex refugee camp. Hopefully my reply (with the previous messages telling me I don't need to reorder included) will help to straighten that out.

Overall, I view it as a good sign that they are getting that much closer to sending them out, and I know Jacquelyn and Debs will make it right.

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