Release Foobillard++

New build on the repo.
The version now use gl4es, and can use either GLES 1.1 or GLES 2.0 backend. You can also use FrameBuffer + FBO if you want to activate the "Reflections" on the balls. Note that will slowdown the game a lot (to a mere 5 fps). It's playable, and the effect is really nice to see, but the simpler and much faster "Spheremap" is more hen enough. (reflection draws a cubemap, so 6 pictures, and grab each one, a every frame, basically, so it is slow).

Build 07

  • Updated libs
  • Switched to gl4es
  • Added zenity graphic profile selection.
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And another build on the repo. It's mostly just to update gl4es. With the GLES2 Backend, the launch will now be faster (the 2nd time), because shaders are now saved in an archive. Also, I added support for VBO in gl4es, and use them for software that use glLists. And Foobillards++ use a lot of them, so GLES2 backend is faster now (no VBO for GLES1 backend, there are supported, but fully emulated).

Build 08

  • Updated libs