Forum Sections?

But maybe we could join "Software News" and "Beta Testing" and include tags you select while making a post like "Beta", "Release", "Concept", etc.

+1 on this proposal, it's a good start. Let's just call it "Software" or "Pandora Software".

I'd also suggest removing the 'Linux OS' section and moving its threads back where they came from. As best I can tell there have only been 2 threads actually created there, (as opposed to having been moved from elsewhere) both of which were on the subject of the forum itself to begin with, and they could probably find a home in Off-topic General talk. I honestly can't see that that section serves any useful purpose that wasn't already being covered by other sections or sub-sections.

If we start seeing lots of threads devoted to other linux based OS's like Ubuntu or Slackware (as opposed to the default firmware releases) then sections could be added for these as the need becomes apparent, but as it stands, I just don't see it.

- Neelix
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