Games That You Can't Wait To Play On Your Pandora.

Way too many games to list, looking forward to getting the Atari ST emu up and running seen as I missed out on getting the STacy and ST Book (ah see you thought the Mac book was the first book :blink: )

Any way really want to play:-
Atari ST
Bomb Jack
Black Lamp
Mouse Trap
Mad Professor Moriarty
Quick and Silva
Buggy Boy
(Gonna have to get a new floppy drive aren't I)

Super Of Road

Mega Drive
Another World
Star Flight (all time fave game ever in the whole wide world of gaming history et infinitum)
Smash TV
Virtua Racing
Strike Series (Desert etc..)

Super Star wars trilogy
Pilot Wings
Super Smash Tennis
Mario Kart

System Shock (if possible.. comes in at number 2 after starflight as my fave game of all time)
glFrontier (open gl version of Frontier Elite 2)
Mega Traveller series (EPIC!!!)
Space Quest series
Baldurs Gate 1-2 (yes possible)
Fallout/Fallout 2 (one can wish)

Gran Turismo 2
Wipeout 1-3 (yes loved all 3)
Future Cop: LAPD
Nuclear/Soviet Strike
Tekken 3 (Chicken!)

ok big list lol ummmm there are still lots more I want to play too
Now that there's an English fan-translation of "Radical Dreamers" I was thinking that I might use my Pandora to play all three games in the Chrono series.
MonkeyChops said:
For purely personal nostalgia (first computer game I ever played)

Captain Comic:

and hopefully doable through dosbox:

You can play Captain Comic on SAM Coupe emulator whilst you wait for your Pandora if you have a GP2X :) There was an unofficial machine code conversion from 80286 (or whatever proc it targeted) to Z80 and was very decent. Was on one of the FRED Disk Magazines, it even had the music and speech :D
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These are some games that I am looking forward to playing :

The Ultima Series - Would like to start at the beginning and work all the way through again. Esp loved Ultima 4.

Text Adventures - Infocom games like Zork, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Old text adventure called - Pirate Adventure on the Pet 4032. Loved this game.. One of the first adventure games that I played.

NeoGeo - Metal Slug Series
Mame - 1942, Twin Cobra, love the vertical shooters.

Many others...