Release [GP2X] Zombiepox-1.1.4


Mar 22, 2006
Manchester, UK
Zombiepox 1.1.4 changes:
- Looked again at the music not playing. After fixing it but not being able to replicate the non-playing music state I suspected it was playing but at a too low volume**
- Non working options menu wasn't displaying. Possibly due to same button being used to enter and exit the menu. Changed to one button to go in and another to go out
- Removed fullscreen option from options menu
- Changed volume for sound and music options to be set with the shoulder buttons
- Adding a name to the hiscore now possible
- Added GP2X porting credits

Keys for inputting the name in the hiscore table:
- Shoulder buttons to select letter
- B button to confirm letter
- Select button to remove a letter
- Start button to finish input

Main menu keys:
- B to enter menu item (play, options etc)
- X to return back to main menu

Options menu:
- Use shoulder buttons to increase/decrease music and sound volume

** I'd been trying to figure this out for years on and off (I came back to this port over the years to figure this out) and I understand why Taperic couldn't remember how it was fixed.

Please note: There is a slight bug when entering your name in the hiscore where when the blank character is selected (not confirmed), all the letters may disappear. However, this shouldn't cause an issue in the finished input.

Enjoy and the Pandora version is coming very soon.


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