Gpx2 Just Arrived


Aug 27, 2004
Well i must admit it does look brilliant in black.

However i cant get it to connect to Win XP, i've connected the GPX2 to one end then put the USB lead on my XP machine but nothing.

I dont have a CD either to install anything so if XP isnt picking anything up theres not much i can do is there ?

For other people who have received theres have you had any similar problems ?


(Ahem i meant the GP2X not the GPX2 - i keep doing that !)
You ordered from GBAX?

There's an app floating around which GPH released to help with the USB problem. I'm not sure where, but I saw it a week ago or so.

I'm green with envy. :-(
Cheers fella, i did have a look on some of the other forums but couldnt see any mention of it.

Frustrating that i have this great gadget but cant do anything with it.

The joypad is very good, you can go onto a test screen to move it in all directions and make sure it works etc.

Bit worried as sometimes when i press right it sometimes registers as top right but that could be my fingers not pressing it properly

Does look amazing though, i know there arent tons of emulators etc available straight away but i thought i'd try putting a movie or two on it to see how it copes.
try reconnecting the usb cable at the gp2x end after starting the usb utility.. XP starts to configure it but then gets an error... thats as far as I've got. I hadn't tested this until now... I have a card reader...
Thanks trying that now, damn have to reboot Windows !

Currently converting a movie so i have to wait a few hours !

Hopefully that'll work though.
1. connect gp2x to pc by usb
2. run usbmon
3. select usb mode in setting menu.
then new drive will be created. you can format, copy, etc.

or just use card reader ;D
Yeah i've got a card reader for the old Smartmedia cards for the GP32 but i need to get one for the GP2X to make it quicker etc
Ok, mine has arrived too now.

Out of the Box impressions: There were no headphones and the case was a gp32 case, kind of a shame as I ordered on the very first day. More disturbingly the vinyl screen protector is slightly pre scratched - Thankfully the screen iself is fine.

Now to start actually trying it out :)
I'd get a real screen protector fast. That vinyl one is only until the customer gets the unit.
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Just recieved mine.
Everything looks good. The carry case is an Astonisha Story GP32 one. Looks cool anyway.

No headphones though although I'm not too bothered about that. About to try some stuff now....
where's this second layer you're supposed to remove then? I've only peeled the thing off the back but the screen protectors still got loads of scratches
I've got mine. I did get headphones, and an Astonishia Story GP32 case, which seems to fit fine. I'd rather thought I'd be getting the one we've been seeing pictures of though.

Perhaps I'm not used to it, but the joystick seems awfully tight. I've tried turning it, but am not sure about it yet.

Have tried Quake, which seemed to crash as soon as I entered the level - perhaps a .pak problem. The difficulty select stuff let me move round OK.

The screen protector caught me out too - I thought mine was scratched until I saw this thread!
where's this second layer you're supposed to remove then? I've only peeled the thing off the back but the screen protectors still got loads of scratches
its VERY fiddly. I didnt even believe it was there but went around scratching anyway. You've just got to gently try and peel it off from one of the corners.

My screen is perfect now.
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ah cool thanks, removed it now (no wonder so many were complaining about scratches, that film was impossible to see)

incidently the console looks a bit tacky without the protector in so make sure you fit it ^^