Release Hotfix 6 Alpha 4 released

DarkLink -- pnds can do that now if they like (if they're smart), and in latest hotfix if you're on top of some trickery, you can force games to do it as well. (ie: in latest hotfix beta, you can set up on a per-app basis a pre-run and post-run job-script; if you're not on top of scripting, you can get someone to give you scripts to do this sort of thing for you .. one hotfix solidifies maybe someone will distribute a pack of useful pre- and post- script, or maybe we'll include them in the firmware itself..)

To add to this, if you don't like doing the scripting work to switch those game modes, you can invoke the Nub Configurator from the shell to switch input profiles. It should be included in the firmware.
Just having my first run of HF6 this evening. Loving the new features - access to wifi & overclocking on taskbar, lid settings, integrated PNDstore. All seems stable and happy.

[edit] Ok, impressions twelve hours later. The extra taskbar controls really make a difference to the usability of the Pandora. Lots of fiddly pecking and searching taken out of the equation. Great stuff.

One issue: Links is nice and fast for documentation, but I'm finding it doesn't wrap text..? The first readme I tried was for C Dev Tools, and it needs to be scrolled horizontally which is bad. Couldn't find any options to wrap the text.
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Another little issue. Occasionally (it's happened about three times now) I will press the Pandora button to open the XFCE menu, and the unit will go into low power mode. (FYI my lid close option is set to low power mode). Seems related to these posts:



Just running a test to see if I have any of the above issues as well.

[edit] Yep, can confirm that when using the lid close to go into low power mode, it comes out of low power mode several minutes later with the lid still closed.
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oh didn't see that and i dont mind scripting. and while backuping my pandebian install fedora crashed and corrupted the sd?? pandora didnt want to boot with the sd card in and it froze as soon as i plugged it in