Release Hotfix 6 - Alpha 1 released

Yes, but in low-power mode, you won't see anything on the screen unless you flip the power switch.

If the power switch is disabled, you won't see anything, as you cannot turn the LCD back on again.

You can press Fn + screen brightness up.

Not if the keyboard doesn't work anymore ;)

However, the freezing is already fixed with HF6a3 :)
I started a poll about setting mouse buttons as ABXY :


I suffered so much today, i have to ask for it again...

Sometimes i have to click more than 10 times to open a simple menu...

And i often give up and use the touchscreen.

Event if i think buttons should have been the obvious default choice, at least, please give us the choice...

I really suffer from that, and, according to the poll results, i'm not alone :( .
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Surely this would be better served being in the Hotfix6 Alpha 4 thread?