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Mar 4, 2003
As mentioned, I want to decide on a Logo until the end of the month - and here is what I found best so far (with comments).

First of all, THANKS to everyone who contributed something here!

I was baffled by some ambigrams (I really like ambigrams), but I'm not sure they really fit as logo... they look a bit weird :/

Please don't be sad if your logo is not included here - there were many many nice contributions, but a lot of them were simply too complex to be useful as logo.

Also, I'm in contact with Traylorpark (he designed the japanese boxart for the Pandora) and he might contribute something as well :)

Now, here for some logos I find quite good (in no particular order).

These should not be considered as final, they might be improvable (with different fonts or small details), but I think that's the direction we should be heading.




The last one (on the right and lower right) looks nice.

Not sure about the colored flames though - somehow, I like it white more than with the flames.

Also, maybe a bit different font - it looks a bit too generic.



While that dragon looks stylish, it's a bit too much into Gothic, somehow.

That box with the wings has something though...



Hmmm... it looks nice - but I'm planning to have a transparent logo (with LED light) on the back of the lid... and that swirl inside of the flame can't be properly cut out.



I also like that one - on the lid, the flame could be transparent and the PYRA-letters embossed (or the other way round?)

Well, or, for the back of the device, simply this:

What do you guys think?
I think the second one is awesome. Someone could take the Box and make it more like a dragon face and give it horns and

keep the Dragonbox and Pyra together.
First of all, they're all very, very good, but my favorites are:

Set 1. The third/fourth one uncolored(white). I could see this light up the Pyra's lid.

Set 2. The Dragon art on the casing is marvelous and would look beautiful on the real thing with a reduced and altered design. I could see our winged friend perched and sprawled on the "Dragonbox" lettering with the wings guarding the lit logo in #1.

Nice choices.
I don't really like the ones with the full picture of a dragon.

The design in the bottom right of the top one is nice though.

Number three is a little close to the debian logo

I can't make an unbiased comment about the last one though ;)
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Personally I'm a fan of the 3rd and 4th of the last set. It's simple, but looks great
Definitely 3rd logo of the first set. If only the authour can change the font into something more pixelated similar to that of Binky's another logo.
Don't think  these are best logos, anyway, the 3 is the most beautiful to me, the 4. look nice to. The 1. third logo look cheap, 2. is ugly.

I like 3. but it is too gaudy without meaning and it looks like debian.
So I vote for the 4. with simple P on the top because it is inconspicuous, pretty original  and have a good shape.
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If I had to choose I would take the small - white only - one of the first entry - but all of them aren't very appealing to me.

But a lighted up logo, seriously ? But as I'm able to shut it off, I guess I have to be fine with it.
There will be a LED on the logo?!?

How big an area can it light? What color(s)? Brightness control in software?

So for a logo there are basically three colors: background, embossed and illuminated? While illuminated the embossing may not have enough relative contrast with the background though.

I think maybe we should go back to the logo design table now this additional information is known...

I like the first one of number 1 and the P in a flame of number 4.
But a lighted up logo, seriously ? But as I'm able to shut it off, I guess I have to be fine with it.
It is the coolest status led I can imagine! I would use it for all kinds of notifications -- hopefully it has an RGB led, but even with a monochrome one, there's a lot you can do with blinking/brightness. If it's an RGB one, there's enough "information bandwidth" for it to replace all other status leds as far as I'm concerned.
How can you guys be dissing the dragon? You got to at least like the form of the words under it.