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Rainbow Liberation Instigation
Dec 11, 2010
outside looking in side looking out
Right, I finished working on those variations... 

But first, a copy past: (for reference, I don't feel like retyping)


Just a quick idea for the logo:

I know there is no theme to it other than a play on the 'box' motif, that will also link this device to it's predecessor... 

My objective? To make it as simple and striking as possible.

(It looks great even as a tiny icon for I.e. the start menu)

What I like about it? It's a fractal system, The center box is clearly visible even though it's nothing but empty space - I.e. Pure Potential!

It's radiant. Many shapes can be formed from this structure.

This would make a potent symbol for the device because not only does it tie-in with the Pandora logo in a way... this logo is also completely in-line with sacred geometry.

In fact - the geometric structure of space itself can be mapped on this logo.

Ok... that's probably too much information, but keep looking at it for a while... it simple, elegant, powerful...



Here are the variations I think are worth looking at:



... I quite like No. 3
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Awesome work.

#3 reminds me of the companion cube from Portal.
Is it just me or is #3 invisible?

BTW #1 and #2 are my personal faves. Good work though :)
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Awesome work.

#3 reminds me of the companion cube from Portal.


A couple of people mentioned my initial logo looks 'too much' like the GameCube logo...


Sure there are similarities... it's a box after all. But I feel mine is different enough?

I still have a soft spot for my first one... And no, the GameCube logo was not my inspiration... this was:


A design a fellow wanted me to paint on a shirt... I recreated it in Photoshop from a photo I took of what he was wearing.
Ah... No 3 has moved to the next line... let me see if I can fix the formatting.

EDIT: Try now??

Edit Edit: Hmm, I can't get the text to 'stick to the images as if they were a single word... unfortunately if your screen resolution of 'window' it too small, the image gets shunted to the next line.
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You're browser is linebreaking somewhat irregularly. Note how the number "4" is positioned. Number 3 is the one to the left of it.

Personally, I like these. Number 2 is my fave :)
 Also be aware that Star Wars role play uses similar hex styled icons - http://star-wars-role-play.webs.com/
Sure there are some similarities, but not enough to cause concern I think.

I like the 5 one, can we use the tshirt print?
For the logo? I guess... but personaly I feel it's now getting too 'busy' to be an effective logo... Also shrink that to Icon size and it get's lost.

I rejected this for being too busy:



If you like the shirt logo, you might like this:

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