Motrola Lapdock possible?


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Jun 4, 2014
Hi all,

While I was browsing around, found verious versions of Motorola's Lapdock (starts with 89€)π=SX200_QL40&qid=1411804864&sr=8-2#ref=mp_s_a_1_2 '>π=SX200_QL40&qid=1411804864&sr=8-2#ref=mp_s_a_1_2

For me it looks like to improve the capabilitys of pyra.

So there is an HDMI Port, USB and an 7h akku inside.

Dont know how the keyboard is connected to the device (special port on there mobiles ? Or simply USB)

But for me its most important to get a bigger screen to pyra, to work like with an "notebook-behavior" sometimes.

Maybe this will get some insider hardware for the pyra
It's just microhdmi and microusb. i have one that I will definitely be trying out with the pyra.
I like it, but I would prefer a real docking station and not a one size fits all solution. Certainly something that will be good enough for most cases though if the price is right. Haven't seen one for €89, link you provided is €170..

Using the Pyra with a large cloned screen as a digitizer (for annotating PDFs / Xjournal) will be sweet. Hopefully the screen will be accurate enough to make scribbling and drawing comfortable. Pandora - without additinal monitor - works already pretty decent btw.
Have plugged my Lapdock to th Pyra but is the same like I use an normal HDMI Monitor.
If I do a "hotplug" from the GUI, it switched to e text screen...
If I boot with a plugged external hDMI display I see the text screen but the GUI will be displayed...


Any ideas?
It could be because of the Tiler from Omap5 needs to be dissable for external screens to work, i allready did a test on my Pyra, and its shows the Boot Screen, but i think its dosnt get to the GUI itself..
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Yeah there still is a bit of work to get the HDMI output working correctly, Tiler is one of the blocks for sure, but also I believe rotation is set by flags on the kernel boot arguments, so not really as convenient as most devices yet.It's likely something someone can work on, but it's not been one of the bigger priorities.
But whe have all the time of the world, thanks to the Modular Board Design, the Pyra cant get too old (hopefully), and in a future far far away, the grandchildren from EvilDragon will make a new CPU Board ^^
I have disable the "auto detection" in dconf-Editor


So the display will not swap if I plug in HDMI. I can chosing the HDMI screen bit it will not work.


Maybe it need the right monitor settings...

But is not the right place here for the post ;-)
Looks like that dconf editor uses xrandr to edit display settings, but video driver in pyra doesn't support xrandr.
Looks like that dconf editor uses xrandr to edit display settings, but video driver in pyra doesn't support xrandr.
Good point but with "active" in xrandr the display switches to HDMI when (hot) plugged in and only "console" is shown. No graphical display.