Multiple PCBs at once.

On the headsets I have tested, the center button shorts mic to ground.  The other two buttons connect mic through a resistor to ground.
Does Pyra have keyboard backlight?
It's not out yet, but that is in the works and the plan is that it will use RGB LEDs for different colo(u)rs.
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with the possibility to deactive it? (to save battery autonomy)
The keyboard back-light is white? Will its colour be altered when reflected through the keymat?

No biggie, just wondering.
I ditnt have a problem whit a wite Keyboard Backlight, i m happy as long whe can deaktivate the LEDs and they dosntnt need much Battery Power..

Im looking forward to the first real Prototyp whit all compoments on it ..

The Pyra will be a "Bling Bling" Handheld whit this whole LEDs..