My Screen Is Flickering


Still Fresh
Nov 5, 2007

My screen started flickering today. As soon as I power the thing on it flickers white and then comes back and then white again. Everything seems to still be working. I even just put in fresh batteries. I don't know what to do. The battery meter shows two bars. It's never shown 3 bars with ANY batteries I have tried. The ones I use are NiMH 2500 mAh. What should I do?

Please help
OK here's an update. I charged my batteries again, I am seeing 3 bars now, but th screen still flickers like crazy, it goes completely white at times, then comes back. It just started all of a sudden today. What should I do?
ok I have an update. Again!

I dont know what the trouble was but I opened up the GP2X and I never really liked the way the power switch worked, so I shaved a bit of plastic on the actual switch so it lets it move about a micrometer more and now it turns on and there's no more flicker. So it wasn't the battery but probably a power from the battery issue. What the hell do I know...I just know that IT LIVES!
Nah, I used it all morning and a bit last night, I see no issues at this point.

Thanks for the reply
It happened again, the only way I could get it to stop was to open it and then close it again. Next time it happens I will try and just remove the batteries for a little while.