New Firefox 5 Acts Weird


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Dec 25, 2005
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Hi, I have installed the new firefox 5 but I guess I made a huge mistake there. Because of lack of documentation I had no clue why it wanted to create a new profile. New Firefox seems to not knowing my old profile anymore. I also was not able to choose the old one so I had to make a new. But now I can't access this profile manager anymore to remove the new profile. Deleting the folder does not help and this is the second problem. DOes FF run some process from the Nand? because it doesn't start without the folder of the profile. Pretty bad because I want my old profile back and this is onto another location on the SD. All the tipps from the internet do not work onto the pandora, I can't start FF with the profile parameter or anything.

First of all I want to get rid of whatever put FF onto the NAND, I hate it when PNDs do this without asking.
Did someone tested the new FF and knows how to clean the mess?

For the Future it would be nice if there were more detailed descriptions what to do when a program asks such stuff like creating a new profile and what happens then etc... There was not much info onto the Repo and in the past it worked much better with the older Firefox versions, even from v. 4 to the 5beta it keept my profile.