New rooms, updated cases

Really nice rooms.
Congratulation, that you found something!
Hopefully, every pandora will be there assembled soon, so everyone gets his order quicker :)
And of course there's also a small kitchen - which is mainly being used to provide coffee:

2 months later...
Does anybody know how many Pyrae of the order-queue already have been delivered?
We know from the OP that there are less than 200 pre-preorders, because apparently someone cancelled their pre-pre-order. I think clockwork coder's answer is closest.
I'm #159, i have ordered but haven't received m'y Pyra.
At the begining of this story, i ordered a Pandora from Craig on 20/11/2009, which i never received...
So i'm not in a rush....receiving my Pyra will close a 12 years wait.
It does take a few weeks for ED to build the unit you order (placing the right parts in the right case).
He does them by type, so he'll do Black plain, Black EU, Black US then Chrome plain, Chrome EU, Chrome US (or something like that) which means if you are at the end of the queue, the wait is a little longer.
I know because I too got itchy feet and concerned with the order sitting in the shop and not seeing any progress.
Can confirm that it will get changed to shipped. And it will arrive.
Ah, true, sorry, I forgot to post here. I even made pictures last week I wanted to show :)

They're already a bit outdated, as it's looking a bit different now (chairs, etc.), but here you go:

This will be the main room for assembly. There are already quite a few boxes with plastic parts in (MegaDrive shells, etc.):


I also have height adjustable tables setup, which give quite a bit of space for assembly, flashing, testing, etc:


There's also a small CNC drill so I can make modification to plastic parts as needed (fully automated):


This is the room where most of the Pyra stuff will happen:


As you can see, last week no shelves were setup. 99% of the stuff inside the boxes is Pyra stuff (shells, partly already preassembled, PCBs, boxes, etc.)
There's another height adjustable table in there, which you can't see from that perspective.

The biggest room is where my shop will move eventually (probably October / November.
So far, it's only a storage for some cool retro gaming stuff:


Because the Pyra parts were scattered between three different locations (old rooms, new rooms and my home), it wasn't possible to continue assembly.
Now all parts are already in the new rooms and need to be sorted. I am planning to resume assembly and shipping next week, maybe one week later (as there's a GamesCom livestream as well).

August was a hardcore month so far. My employee is in holidays, which means I have to handle shipping the ordered items in the shop as well.
Ice hockey season is starting, which means I need to produce animations for it.
Then I had to move everything into the new rooms.

And handle a bit more... didn't have a weekend without work yet and right now I'll get about 3 hours sleep per day (it's 5:34am here right now... I'm back at work at 10am :))
I'll be so happy once the move is complete. Tons of space to work, which makes everything more convenient :)

Oh, and the new case samples from Greece arrived as well. Now everything fits, assembly will be a lot easier (and faster) thanks to these modifications in the future.
It'll take some time until the new cases have been produced, but we're getting there :)

Thanks for still supporting me, even though things are way too slow at the moment (but I'm working on that :))