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Mar 4, 2003
What a month!
As usual, August has been the most busy month for me - which is also the reason I'm rarely seen at the boards as well.
What's so special in August?

Well, there's school vacation here (for 6 weeks) and as my trusted employee who handles all the shipping is a single mother, she's away for that full period to take care of the kids.
So I have to handle all the shipping myself (takes around 4 - 5 hours per day).

Additionally, there's gamescom which I need to prepare and participate (even though it was only a livestream again this year) and the new hockey season starts in September and I'm doing all the animations and opening video for the team here in Ingolstadt... yeah, it's quite a bit of work.

And finally this year I was busy moving stuff into the new rooms and setting everything up.

It's the most busy month for me. I am almost working 24/7 (except for 4 - 6 hours of sleep) and still everything seems to advance sooo slow...
But hey, it's almost over, Pyra assembly will resume in about 2 weeks and will be a lot faster than before, thanks to the new space I have helps keeping everything sorted so I don't need to shuffle boxes around to find what I currently need.

The rooms still look pretty chaotic, but I've made a small video for you so you can see how I'm sorting everything so I can finally properly assemble Pyras:

Oof, ok, that’s understandable. I’ve waited this long, after all.

I remember thinking in February that it’ll be cool to have my Pyra before my second child is born. Now, well, it’s going to be a close call. Even so, I’m grateful for the store and other factors that have allowed ED to stay afloat all this time. It’ll all be worth it when I finally get that shipping notification.
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Thanks for the update, ED! Hard to predict these things of course, but what do you think: will you start to get into 500-1000 range this year, or more likely next?
That phone case at 5:06... are you still using a Pro1? If so, what case are you using there? I'm still using a pouch for mine but would rather have something more like a flipcase... if there were any that actually fit. I kinda gave up after my first modification attempt with one.

Oh and thanks for the update. Already have mine of course, but it's good that more Pyras will be in the wild soon-ish.
Its a bit of a Shame i ditnt had the time to watch the Video this morning, i fell back asleep after my Radio Clock wook me up ..
Nice, just 2 Weeks until the next Mass Produktion Run ^^
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I probably need to take a sample of ED saying "Can you get focus...yes." (1:04) and "Focus please" (2:13) for when my PC detects I'm sloping off work and looking at more interesting websites instead.

Edit to add missing word.
It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff you do by yourself ED and your few employee's. I think this video also helps people to grasp how much work it is and it being a very small team. That makes the pyra even more awesome because it really is a labor of love and a huge feat for a small team.
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500-1000 range this year, or more likely next
I would say more likely next year. We have black Friday and Christmas now looming for retail stores aside from all other things that ED mentioned need to be done.

I'd like to know more after the first 500 have shipped what changes may be required before producing the rest, but am hoping to get more updates from the lucky early pre-orderers as and when they get theirs, in the meantime.
Nice video @EvilDragon

Hope you find the time to repair my Pandy (that is inside one of these boxes...i think ?).
At this point...who knows if i get first my Pyra or my (repaired) Pandora....or get together in one shot. :cool:
FYI, the word is 'ceases', as in stopping doing something. 'Siezes' is a similar sounding word, just a difference of a z sound versus an s sound when spoken, but the meaning of that sentence evades me at present.
Tbf “seizes up” could also be stopping doing something ;)