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Apr 29, 2007
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On a more serious note.... :D yea right

I was actually thinking about writing a "blender" app for the iphone, but they pissed me off with their various strongarm policies and I decided I didn't want to put any effort into a closed system that abuses its users and developers like that... (oops rant, sorry)

Anyway, it would just be a image of a blender that would animate and make appropriate noises when you tapped the blender buttons on the touchscreen, but the cool thing would be that it would have an algorithm for animating the "blending" of an arbitrary image, so you could have it blend all kind of stuff, perhaps even take a picture of something or someone and blend them.*

*any kids in the hall fans? "I'm blending your face!"


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Oct 3, 2008
Ok, my wishlist

A port of Colors! (as seen on ipod touch and DS) While the source isn't open, the developer is interested in seeing it on the Pandora and would be willing to look into it in the future, or help another dev port it. With the processing power of this system a myriad of new features could be added like undo, larger canvases and better brush selector, possibly even layers, and the color picker could be linked to the the gaming controls.
If not colors, I would be happy with a portable version of Gimp or something

support for editing and viewing RAW image files on the fly. As a photographer, it would be great to pop my SD card in the Pandora and quickly change the contrast or tonal range of a photo to show to clients

Also a program to control a camera from the Pandora (someone has done this for the DS already). Would be great for studio shots as the screen is much larger than cameras for checking sharpness, composition etc.

Interface for car so that it can be hooked up via USB and check error codes, change values and do general diagnostics. As a plus it could display real time values for tuners, and integrate with the audio system to become an all in one unit for the car, GPS would go well here as well.

OK so I know some of this is far fetched, and the camera stuff is kinda niche so I'm not sure if anyone would be interested, or even if it is possible. The drawing app or port of colors is serious though, this would just make my day!


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Dec 28, 2006
bitz_dv said:
I would be happy with a portable version of Gimp or something
Well you're in luck. GIMP has already been demo'd running under Ubuntu on Pandora :)
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