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Aug 11, 2020
I did a quick port of OpenRCT2. It runs very slow when there's much on the screen.
You can get the Datafiles as described here:
I extracted the Offline Installer from GOG via innoextract.

There are some dependencies required to run the game. The game just won't start in case some dep's are missing (libcurl4 and libzip4). To see what's missing start the game via the Terminal with and install them.
They should be installed automatically when downloading via DBP Installer.

I recommend to set the windows scale factor to 1.50 in the game menu. This will increase the performance and it looks better on smaller screens. Or you need a clip-on magnifier, like the ones for the Gameboy ;)

I hope you like it!
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A new release of OpenRCT2 built with optimized compiler flags for better performance!
The framerate is now quite acceptable to actually play the game :)
I wasn't able to compile it under buster anymore, so now Debian 11 or higher is required.
Setting the windows scale factor to 1.50 is still my recommendation for best gameplay.
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