OpenRedAlert - Playability? What generations of C&C

It can only play red alert and is not in playable state.

The graphics and speed are fine, but there is ai and features missing. Just try it.

Newer versions make use of mono which is slow and I didn't get it compiled.

But if you would like to try, go ahead :)
i for one would love to get Tiberian Sun/Firestorm working through Pandora, would this be possible through something like Qemu?
Tiberian sun is out of scope I think. Everything up to red alert runs really good in qemu though.
Yeah, I saw that about Dune2000, thats why I made a quick post to see if its working. RA/RA2 were great!
Ello there,

just btw... I ve tried Tiberian Sun under Qemu and Win98SE once ^^

It ran and loaded really slow ... but it looked like 5 fps ... almost unplayable =P


C&C Dos Version

C&C Win95 Version (SVGA)

Red Alert Dos Version

Red Alert Win95 Version (SVGA)

are running pretty good with Qemu and Win 98SE installed

(At least that counts for the 1 ghz pandora)

Just have a look at my youtube channel : "MrBazil2k"


Bye bye
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Ello there once more ^^,

if you really want to know how Tiberian Sun incl. Firestorm ran on my Pandora with a cpu clock of 1,25 ghz have a look at this :

Sound works great, no crackling or something... but the game ist just too slow to play as usual =D

BUT at least it works ^^

Bye Bye
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