Pandora at Replay 2011 - Retro Gaming Expo - Let's meet up

i have some gentleman characteristics IRL, but i can also be quite bi-polar at times i guess. the story of my life consists of people complaining that i either wont talk, or that i wont shut up.
Yeah, filming straight against in the light source direction is not that good. :D

But shiny Pandora you have, almost looks like real Metal. :) I still don't know if this thing was custom painted or done by the Case Company?
We have a handful of alt colours, they are all painted and were done when the black units were painted as examples of other colours.

Somewhere there is a Pink one I believe.
I was still considering dismantling mine and painting it, but I'm too afraid that I would end up with a small pile of broken electronics.
Dear forum moderator: Could you please remove the "pinned" status of this thread, as the event it dealt with is now already ~ 2 months ago. Thanks.
Dear forum moderator: Could you please remove the "pinned" status of this thread, as the event it dealt with is now already ~ 2 months ago. Thanks.
Dear member: It looks like someone's dealt with it now, but in the future, please could you (not a specific "you", just an "everyone" "you" :p ) use the "Report" button for things like this? It's more likely to be seen quickly that way. ;)

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@Prometheus: Lesson learned! Now I know that "report" is a quick contextual way for notifying the moderator, sparing the other users some unnecessary information and notifications.

Now some user experience feedback fro me for improving this on the long run: The label "Report" in me only evoked the association with "report hatespeech/abuse/spam/etc" (extraordinary incidents) but it evoked absolutely NO idea, that this is an interaction for totally normal forum moderation work. Screen estate is limited, button labels should be short, thus "Report" is general and thus suited enough, and could stay like that. But please, if technically possibly just add a mouseover tooltip, giving more clue about this function. Thanks!
That would be require a forum software update, which is well out of our hands. I understand where you're coming from - the usual advice on forums is to only use the Report button for spam / abuse / general inappropriate stuff. We're pretty free and easy in these parts though, and it's a good way to request any kind of mod help in a thread. That or a PM. :)
Also if you click on "Report", and the report form opens, the help text below the text field is NOT mentioning that this form can be used for ordinary requests such as "Please move topic" or "Please un/set as sticky", etc.

Please note: The moderator will be made aware of the link to the page you are reporting.

This form is to be used ONLY for reporting objectionable content and is not to be used as a method of communicating with moderators for other reasons.

Please also change this text accordingly.

The average OP community member, well behaved and polite as they mostly are ;-) , surely loves to co-operative!

As long as s/he gets the necessary info!