Pandora Classic (US)


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May 13, 2011
Hello everyone.

I am selling my CC Pandora and accessories on eBay. All details and pictures are in the listing.

This is a first batch unit with a refurbished pcb and new case, but they occupy the same space.

Since I personally have the 1GHz version and this was collecting dust, I decided to replace the case and sell it. Everything works, the wifi, touchscreen, USB, nubs, etc. I tested all inputs on 1.6 and reflashed to 1.61.

If you live in the US this is a great way to get an Open Pandora with all the essentials at a low price since the shops seem to be sold out of Classic Pandoras.

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I did read the rulez. Since you didn't state the problem, I have to guess that it's because my photo doesn't have a username. Fixed.

Any further nitpicks and the mods can remove this thread. I have neither the time nor inclination to put up with rude replies when I was obviously being faithful to the forum rules and made a mistake.
Could you please include pictures of the device opened? I understand you've listed that on eBay so cancel that.

In relation to the rules: They're quite clear, sebt3 was only pointing out that fact so please no need to get all angry.
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