Pandora still in repair


Jul 7, 2021

I've sent my Pandora for repair back in August 2020.
After a few messages exchange from dragonbox's ticket system, I received a last message on october 9th 2020.
I've sent a reply on november 9th 2020, then another message on march 25th 2021 and on may 25th 2021.
I thought the ticket was too old so I created a new one in june 10th 2021.
I still have no answer.

I know @EvilDragon is very busy with Pyra production and I don't want to harass him, but Id' like to know where my Pandora is and when I will see it again.
As a first batcher, I've waited a long time to get it the first time. I'm patient, but I'd like to have at least some news.
Since I've sent my Pandora for repairs, I've moved to a new place and I don't even know if it will be sent back to my new adress.

Please, can I get some news? It will almost be a whole year since I sent it.

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Mar 4, 2003
As far as I remember, the unit didn't want to boot reliably or at all... I know I tried to repair it, and if it had been a straightforward repair, I would've shipped it back right away.

At the moment it's sitting in a box buried somewhere in the too small office - and as you know, we're moving into a bigger storage space, and a lot is packed up for moving.

So the problem right now is that I don't remember what the issue was and I don't have access to the unit... so I can't really give a reply on the status.
If it didn't want to boot anymore... then there probably isn't much I could do though.


Jul 7, 2021
Hi EvilDragon,

thanks for the update. That's all I was asking for. Standby is a status.
I know you're very busy and I really appreciate what you're doing with the Pyra. I can imagine it takes a lot of your time and I don't think you'll be making a lot of money out of it (and please, I don't want this topic to generate any debate on the subject. Those who are not happy with Pyra's price don't have to buy one. For my part, I'll wait till I can afford one).
My intention was not to make you look bad. I just remembered a message on this forum saying you didn't always had the time to look at tickets and that a post in the forum had more chance of being answered.
I can easily imagine all the time and dedication you've put all these years. I admire and respect that.

All I'm asking for is to see my Pandora back one day. According to ticket number 7742, it did boot, but not every time.
So please, can you acknowledge in ticket 7742 that you've updated my address (my new address is in the last message)?
And when all the rush and stress of the Pyra production (and the storage change that I wasn't aware of) is past and you've taken a little break, can you look into my Pandora?
I know it won't last forever and there are other solutions nowadays (the Pyra being a good one). But if I could boot it up (even if it's not always easy) from time to time for a little nostalgia, I'd be happy.

Thank you.