Pyra Blender File

One last bit, if you want to add some sort of grain texture, you can do so by adding some fractal texture to the texture channels.

Other then trying for the colors, if you´d like some fun, you can go for an impossible looks.

Here a rusted post-apocaliptyc pyra, fractal noise going only on the speculars, but lots of material change.

Hehe, very nice. :D   Has some old fashioned touch and remembers me onto my old "wood" Art Deco Pandora concept I did years ago. ^^ 

Pandora Art Deco New.png
Is someone able to do a fluro green? 
R: 0
G: 255
B: 0
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maybe with some bright yellow controls, that would look like a nice radioactive hazard.
Really? I'm a big fan of it. My bike is close to that colour (zx6r) so it's a kermit/ninja green.
So I tried to print my Pyra mini; didn't print as good as expected but I may continue! Pics!

It's around 8cm
yeah looks like you got some bed level or z-height issue.

Raft used.

My Z is fine, its just the raft would not come off the print.

I'm using an UP Mini for now.

Great little toy, set and forget.

the underside of the pyra bottom is raft stuck and I didnt bother removing it.

Vertabim ABS - Seems like good quality and prints well, but I have noticed if a layer splits then it'll tear apart so easily layer by layer. I've had cheap $25 ABS which is stronger.

I'm about 80-90% finished with my Kossel build.
I have never successfully used and been able to fully separate a raft.

Sometimes I've had to use a raft to get the necessary stability, and then I cut, file, and sand it down, but it won't just peel away like you might want.

do you have by any chance the 3D representation of the PCB/LCD too?


and after I looked for the download: Are the iges files of the Pyra already available?
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Hey sorry to revive this but I think now that people are getting their units having access to an updated Pyra case file would be very useful. Im going to print some modified nubs to test some things, and I'd like to print a new top plate with a physical stop so it cannot open all the way. When reviewing the blender file in the first post for this thread I noticed that it does not represent the case I received with my Pyra, nor the prototype case I am using now. I know there have been revisions and I'm wondering if @EvilDragon has a copy of the most recent case model so we can all make changes as we desire while still maintaining screw holes, etc.

The whole case is a bloody mess.
We have so much manual reworking to do.
No idea if there are proper designs of the latest revisions around
Hopefully I'm wrong, but I have a feeling that revisions were made to the physical mold for the case, rather than being redesigned in 3D, so in which case, a new model may need to be created...
The whole case is a bloody mess.
We have so much manual reworking to do.
No idea if there are proper designs of the latest revisions around

Thats cool, just wanted to make sure.

Just having a blender file at all is really helpful. So long as the screw hole spacings are correct I can manage the rest.