Release [Rebirth Competition] Dino Defense

Really? OK. I'll give users the choice. I don't like the cursor being visible on the Pandora myself, as I designed it to be a touchscreen game, but I can see your rationale for including it :)

One other thing - the music. On the Pandora it sounds really poor - I was shocked at how different it sounds to the pc version. Not sure why. Other games' music doesn't seem to be affected in the same way as DinoDefense's. Any ideas why this might be?
Did you try the music with headphones? Is it ok then?

If so, you use frequencies in the lower range, that the speakers on the Pandora can't produce at hearable volume. That might make the music sound incomplete on the Pandora.
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I don't have any headphones with me at the moment, so can't test latest version, but it definitely does sound like it's lacking bass/lower freqs as you stated.
Well, you cannot really expect the small speakers to handle anything below 600Hz, so maybe try to adjust the frequencies for your music.

Now that you have a Pandora, you can check easily, if it works well. You can also make the lower freq kinda optional by applying lower frequency samples, that don't need to be heared, but make the music "fatter" if someone uses headphones,
I didn't know what to expect TBH. I'd read how good the sound was on the Pandora so it came as a surprise to hear the difference. It's not a big deal (hence I didn't mention it before); few would even know the music was different to the pc version.

I'll see what I can do :)
Yeah, the sound on the Pandora is very good

...from headphones !!

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I just have to say, that i really enjoyed Dino Defense and am looking forward to new Levels and Units.

Very nice game!
Work continues - albeit very slowly I'm afraid. I've been really exhausted of late and I'm just not coding much or doing anything else really. I've re-jigged and redone some graphics (including the text font) and added a couple of new bits, but not a lot really. it all helps in the grand scheme of things, but it isn't worth showing the update yet.

Out of the many, many games I've developed over the years DinoDefense has been one of my faves. It will be completed. Especially now that I have a Pandora :)
It will be completed. Especially now that I have a Pandora :)
:) This really should not be abandoned and can grow to a major game for the pandora. I am really looking forward to it.

I don't know if i could help in any way, because i cannot code in any language anymore, but would it go faster, if you cooperated with someone regarding the sprites,

maybe redoing them completely or offering an alternative set, like in some other games?

If i can help in any way, just let me know.

I'm a drummaker and former musician (real instruments, not electronic), so maybe i could provide some music or samples?
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Music is my weak point. Help in this area may be required. Cheers :)


As for graphics - they will be changing (in places). The dinos will have better shading and textures (and eyes etc.). There will also be more flora and fauna and weather and other effects.
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I could provide midi or mp3/ogg/etc... with a very wide range of Instruments

(Hurdy Gurdy, different drums, Bagpipes, Whistle, Mouth Harps, Ocarinas, etc... and i can play and record them all, some better, some average).

It shouldn't be too hard to whip up something in that if i had some simple guidelines regarding length of loop/track, data volume and theme (well, at least this should be obvious).
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I just sent a message to a DJ friend who might have some things laying around. Let's see if he bites at the chance.
Some ambient sounds for dinos and jungle without licence-problems would be nice and could be combined with music, if wished.

I should have some jungle- und rainsounds lying around though.

Anyone here with samples from Marimbula or Kalimba? ;)
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I definitely need jungle style ambient sounds and something with lots of wind/rain (one stage i planned will be stormy, with lightning flashing etc).

i want to add different sounds for each dino too - warnings, growls, death rattles etc. I've got some but would like more).

As for music, it's got to be consistent with what's there now - ie drum based, with no modern instruments - as if the cavemen were playing the music themselves.

Funny enough, I've recently got the instrumental of Goatye's new song that I'd like to borrow bits from for the victory music. A re-styling (to avoid copyright issues) could be ace.
My offer of custom made music on very old instrumenttypes stays open. ;)
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I will update the pc version when I get home from work (about 22:00 UK time). It's not a significant update, just proof that work continues. There are no new levels (although I have updated one or two). I have added positioning (so that users can see where a unit can/can't be placed. I have added one new dino (that requires certain units to be fundamental). I have added an extra function to another unit to make more use of them (their use will be even more important later). I've changed the basic font a bit (still not entirely happy with it, but it's better). I;ve done other things too, but they aren;t tied in just yet and made lots of plans and research for future levels/units/dinos. Loads still to do.

[EDIT] Windows and Pandora versions updated grab them from here -
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Didn´t see the post edit.

I have gone through the game again on pc.

I still have strange visual effects, are they ok? here goes a pic.

I saw a dino with white horns in one occasion where he was invincible, a bug?

It is coming out great, world 2 maybeee? :p

edit: I also got free slots every other round, were they suppose to be bought?

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