Release [Rebirth Competition] Dino Defense

Hey Mr. Price, what language have you used to make this game ?

I'm interested in multi platform programming, at least windows & linux (ARM), but I'm still in the "what can I use to start ?" step

(It's not just an excuse to leave open the Dino-Defense argument :p ...)
I use GLBasic. It's good for pretty much every machine available - code once and release on every platform. As you may have seen I just released seven games for the Caanoo, having owned the machine for less than a week. All of them were originally created for the Wiz or GP2X and pretty much worked straight off on the Caanoo without any real work (Guru Logic required some key changes and the music sorting, but other than that it was good to go). I wish the same could be said about Pandora Guru Logic - that's needing a lot of work as the game is actually much slower than on other handhelds.

As for Dino Defense, I'm working on a commercial iOS and Android project right now (case of having to as my job is really unstable at the moment - expected to be made redundant in September, which fortunately didn't happen, but it's likely to be within the next three months), however it is a game I really want to get back to.
Thanks for the info, seems like everyone are happy with GLBasic, I'll give that a try.

Good luck for your project, I'm sure it can become a hit even on those platforms !! B)

(Then you will have to deal with t-shirts and gadgets, trademark issues, and a sequel located in Space !! :D )
Has this project been abandoned?
Sorry for the late reply - missed the question before.

No. I've just had a really, really shit year and haven't had any time to develop anything since Aquaventure for the DragonBox Coding Comp.

My work has changed and so have my shifts (although they should be returning to normal after Christmas), meaning that I have practically zero time nowadays - I don't even have time to catch up with my fave tv shows and they are only an hour long. I can't do a great deal of anything in less time. :(
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Things are slowly settling down, but there's nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.


I really like Dino Defense, keep going!

+1, Always thought if Dino Defence was finished it would make a good commercial release for Android / iOS.
I don't have a single Android specific device, other than an OUYA. I did iOS for a while. Hated the whole process, so that's never going to happen. EVER.

BTW DinodDefense has probably been my most enjoyable coding experience to date. That and AquaVenture, and both were developed specially for Pandora. Wonder if that means anything?
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Can't wait to play the new version of Dino Defense, it's one of my favourite game on the Pandora :)

Cheers, Magic Sam
oh, nice ... I haven't played the game much, but I still remember it (which says a lot) and I remember I thought that it's a shame it was never finished.

Nice to see that you're still working on it!

(I know how real life can eat up all your time to do things like this, and then when you would have some time you still got better things to do :p so no rush ... just nice to see it's not abandoned)