Release [Rebirth Competition] Dino Defense

I wanted to make a game for Pandora Rebirth , but never found the time. But that looks great!
And it plays really great too!

Can someone with a pandora post a screen shot? I wonder if those lines I get on the PC version is something on my end.
Yes it definitely is from your end erico. Neither my Pandora or my laptop produce those boxes or the volcano smoke problems seen in your screenshots. Have you updated your video card drivers lately? There might be something I can do...

As for the invulnerable dino - it's not invulnerable, just a new type that can't be killed with arrows or spears...

I'm being a bit more generous with extra slots in the early part of the game...
Ohh I see, I tried driving that dino off screen but to no good, I tried helitrogs but no good either.

I have latest drives on Nvidea gtx460.

Maybe it is because I run an override to have all apps going to maximum it dosen´t matter what the app states?

I will check if it makes a difference messing with that...
Hmm, leaving the anisotropic filter and antialiase set to app controlled produces this result here.

Is that the correct one?

Like I see edges on the font and the top vulcano is not blurred as the rest, are those normal?

edit: at least no more squares, there seems to be a blue little line under the vulcano stuff but it maybe a jpg stuff.

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I'm working on DD and a couple of other games all the time. Whenever I've a free moment I'm thinking about what I can add to it. Seriously. I've got an idea that I'd love to include, but it's going to take lots of time to do. It's only minimally tied to the game though (ie it's not necessary), but it's something I'd love to include.

BTW I received zero feedback about the last update, admittedly it not being on the Repo probably didn't help, but there you go.
BTW I received zero feedback about the last update, admittedly it not being on the Repo probably didn't help, but there you go.

Being in the repo surely helps getting feedback, especially since PNDManager now provides comment support. At least I see much more comments in the repo than before.
I sent feedback hehe, so there is me to count! :rolleyes:

Really nice game, I sure want to see and play it in full.

Haven´t managed that special dino yet tough...
I wouldn´t want an update if I didn´t like this Game :D

But after playing world 1 over and over again it becomes a little frustrating not having new levels :D
Creating new levels is the easy part.

Making them fresh, interesting and challenging is time-consuming. Doing the graphics for the levels and dinos etc. is even harder and takes even longer.

Anyway, i bet you haven't played through those levels as many times as I have...
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Jeah I don´t think I can win there :D but right now I am playing the levels with Heliothingies only :D
Just found out about this game looks very awesome, i'll have to wait until my 1Ghz arrives to play it though (traded in my batch 1). Cant wait to try it!