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Are those what I'd normally call capacitors? or something else?
Same thing, Condenser used to be the traditional name for Capacitors. In old electronics text books from the 1930's - 1940's I have make use of this name for them.
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Good news again, glad that part of the Pandora is not inherited.

For the new people on the boards, it is indeed a nice community, welcome to the boards!

Still "kondensaattori" in finnish too :)
In Dutch it's also Condensator. I always have to think what the translation is, capacitor also starts with a C so I only can come up with one of the names.

I recently used polarized capacitors for a power circuit, never thought I would be doing those kind of things for fun when I was a little boy.
Now that we're already at strange electrical terms in the English language... why is there no handy nickname for rechargeable batteries? Every German calls them "Akku" even without knowing that it's a shortcut for accumulator (same with Finnish, as far as Wiktionary tells me).

I recently used polarized capacitors for a power circuit,
That was probably an electrolytic capacitor - whelp, here goes the "Elko".
According to Wikipedia, the old term is Condenser, not Condensator.
Well still it's a typo on ED's part as the German word for Capacitor is  "Kondensator". Condenser was most likely a bastardized English version of this word.
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In Icelandic, it's "þéttir" but we're sticklers about keeping the language our own. ;)
Interesting :) What are the roots that it's built from? I like that idea of making official modern words in the language, and, being swedish, I usually can at least get a small feeling of where the word is coming from, but this I can't recognize.