Scummvm 0.9.1 Released.

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Jul 20, 2003
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News taken from the ScummVM homepage.


We are pleased to announce the 0.9.1 ScummVM bugfix release.

There were lots of important bugfixes and small improvements. We are also glad that three additional platforms are now officially supported: Nintendo DS, GP2X and GP32. You can already download official DS and GP2X binaries, and the GP32 port will be available soon.

Some of the most significant bugfixes are:
  • Many fixes for Humongous Entertainment games and better support for international versions of the games
  • Improved detection of the FM-TOWNS version of Indy3
  • Several fixes for The Feeble Files and more non-English versions are supported now
  • Some parts of the Kyrandia engine were rewritten so the game needs less CPU power now, and thus works better on lower-end devices
  • The PSP, PS2 and WinCE ports were greatly improved
  • The PalmOS port is again up-to-date and features separate build for Tapwave Zodiac
  • The WinCE port supports 2002 devices again

Note: The Feeble Files remains unsupported on the GP2X (for now ;))

For those that have been following the recent GP2X builds the 0.9.1 final release is very similar to the preview 2 pre-release with a number of bug fixes based on feedback.

Expect to see new features and more fixes in the GP2X port in the near future now this release (and corresponding focus on stabilising the port for official release) is over.
Great Great Great !!!
I"m currently dooing Indy4 :D...

That perfect !

Thanks DJ
slaanesh posted on Oct 30 2006 at 05:08 AM said:
Groovy - I love ScummVM - and this port is great. I'm hoping that my old Kyrandia games will still work!

Should be fine, most of the fixes to ScummVM since the preview 2 GP2X build where for the Kyrandia engine (to speed it up on low end devices like the GP2X).
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Deadly, off to test this out... as soon as I finish backing up a server. Thanks.
Very nice work, as usual!
Im assuming the RAM limitations on the nintendo ds (sry for gp2x-offtopic) are still there thus making Full Throttle for example not playable !?
(im stuck at a postion where i need the touchscreen and yes im too lazy to play that on the pc with the mouse :p )
paxl13 posted on Oct 30 2006 at 02:19 AM said:
Great Great Great !!!
I"m currently dooing Indy4 :D...

That perfect !

Thanks DJ

hmm... i'm playing indy4 too... and when i use the balloon in algiers and fly out of the window, the game crashes :-(
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Nintendo DS, eh? I'm intrigued. Does anyone know a good site that shows some of the homebrew DS work and emulators?
Hi DJwillis, just been playing a bit of Curse of Monkey Island over the past few days. I noticed that sometimes it seems to be a bit slow. But its odd, in some screens the cursor moves quite fast and it is generally a playable speed, but at other times it is slow, and always slow to move the cursor in the inventory screen. Looking at the apparent 'content' of the screens (comparing fast to slow) I don't see any obvious reasons for the slowness (or fastness, if you like).

Basically I don't see a link between the number of animations or 'active' objects and slowdown. Perhaps it is sound related (no of effects/channels being mixed)? Also setting cpu speed to 250 seemed to have little or no effect. I really have no idea, but I thought I'd mention it. I'm using compressed audio files as well...

It's reported as being too slow to be playable on the wiki entry, but its more a matter of sometimes being too slow (regularly enough to make it off-putting). Some speedy areas are the Voodoo priests place, in the theatre, the stall area at brimstone beach, the caber toss area(haven't been there for 'events' yet though) and I haven't gotten that far yet. The barber shop is exceptionally slow. Hope that helps in forming your own conclusions (or perhaps you know whats going on already).

I was also trying feeble files, its pretty good most of the time, but doing anything in oracle is slow for some reason.. It's the four cd windows version. Incidentally I thinks its available on adventuresoft's site in some form or another. It would be good if you could be got a copy for testing.. Zoom is great too, though a little awkward in Monkey Island as both buttons are mapped to other functions.
As this was bumped (for no real reason at all ;)) I may as well point out that newer SVN builds can be grabbed from my ScummVM for the GP2X site.

I would appreciate feedback on the early feb. test release if anybody wants to have a play about as I am looking to do a new test release in a few days (aiming to do one test build a month give or take) and want to know if there are any bugs I may have missed.

Hey sorry Djwillis I did have a play around with that release. I wrote down some of the bugs I found. I wasn't thorough, I didn't test all make games/play them all the way through.

saves are still broken
video at 640x480 is still slow/ suffering from sync issues
Could not exit cleanly (black screen, Gmenu was disabled)

I tested Feeble Files, and didn't find any major bugs/differences.

After that I was going to try some more games, I ran into trouble. Scummvm stopped recognising the file structure, I was testing on a 2gb card. Possibly it was just something got corrupted, it worked again when I deleted Scummvm and re-copied it. I was going to test BS 2, Monkey island, Simon the sorceror 2, and Fotaq, but I got distracted by real life. I'll do some testing now, seeing as how its in my head. Also I don't think I have any of those new games that have been added, so I can't really test them.

Wasn't there some work done on the kyrandia engine? I'll test that too.. sound used to be broken..

Btw I played Monkey Island through, on the gp2x... So yes, if you are a patient person, it is playable.

Edit; BS2 is working, with saves, sound and usual scaling stuff. I haven't tested dxa video support as it turns out I haven't encoded the video yet. The sound plays back fine though. I played just the start and got out to the hallway area. So no bugs until that point at least. Also, it doesn't exit to windows, but it can successfully drop you back to the main Gp2x menu.

Kyrandia is working better than before with sound (I don't know about the voices mind you). Also you have to redownload kyra.dat, its changed, which I had a moment of frustration with, nut that's not a bug. Saves are working and so is exit.

Curse of Monkey Island; Saves work, seems slower in the first scene with wally, video seemed choppier too but it was in sync (I seem to remember some compression cuts down on the fps a bit, not certain though it was a while a go now), exit was fine, as was sound. Nice new feature of having a screen shot for the load/save screen. Now for Simon and Fotaq...

SimonII is still working, it seems, though you still can't exit cleanly.

Fotaq seems okay, saves etc, though It think the music is dodgy/broken, otherwise the sound is fine.
Am I missing something? I played through monkey island on the gp2x a while back and don't remember any serious issues.

EDIT: nevermind, I played through monkey island 1. I got the names mixed up.
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