Should I get a GP32 if I am to get a pocket pc?


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Nov 27, 2003
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I want a pocket pc for the Playstation emulator. But I want a GP32 forother emualtors:SNES,NES,Wonderswan,Neo Geo pocket,GBC,etc. Is it worth it even though a pocket pc has all these emulators too?
One last thing: is a PSone emulator possible at really really slow speed at an overclocked 170 mhz? Thanks :)
I have heard that most PocketPC emulators are fairly dire, remember that you will have to use wierd buttons or the touchscreen as input. I usually find them better for PDA stuff like todo lists and address books, plus multimedia. Of course I can't comment on the PS emu, it might be ridiculously good.

Still I suggest the GP32, because it has a great community and a lovely collection of varied emulators for just about every platform, and tons of freeware games. Don't expect perfection, but some like OpenSnes9x, fSMS, Frodo, Castaway, etc. are pretty damn close. So go for it :)

*Intentionally ignores PSone emu question*
Main drawback of the PPC 's is that they're not made for gaming (control pad/buttons).

It would be nice if there was going to be a zodiac-like PPC, but it probably be very expensive.
PPCs are useless for gaming in my experience. Case in point, if the place was burning down, I'd probably take my GP32.

PPC makes me think of working :)
I was feeling a bit run down last night so I picked up my GP for the first time in a while and played some Sonic and Zool and felt a bit better :)

Reminded me once again of how great GP32 is, and why everyone should get one. EVERYONE.

Think I might start coding another game soon.
I've had several PPCs, and after the initial novelty of the emus wears off, they;re a pain in the arse to play!

Get a GP32 for games, and dont bother with PPCs for them - it's not what they're designed for.
Wow! What is it about these guys who have been on the board for ages and don't have a GP32 yet?????
Hey, I foolishly bought a GP32 before checking out most of the sites. I remember it now - I had this big list of gp32 sites but I had no idea how good each one was. Anyways, even though my purchase was a good one, it's much better for people to hang around on the forums a bit to get to know the console and its community before they spend the dough.
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true... when I got mine I did some research but during the weeks wait after ordering it I trawled this forum for info whilst bursting with excitement! har

and was I dissappointed when it came?... jamais!