Some Games Reseting My Gp32


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Jan 14, 2005
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I've been playing with this great emu for some time and some games (such as Elvira, Gobliiins and few others) reset my gp after few minutes of playing are they supposed to work? Should I try another roms?
You must be toying with CaSTaway. I have not tried Elvira yet but I played Gobliiins for a while and it worked fine for me. You may try a different menu disk.

BTW. Metal Mutant is cool in CaSTaway, slow yet cool. Just make sure you start with the proper version not like me, I got stuck in the middle of the game because of a software failure.
carlgeorge posted on May 1 2005 at 04:15 PM said:
what emu? Sounds like whatever emu you are running clocks a little too high for your gp32.

We are in the Castaway forum, so, well, it should be Castaway :D
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No playing at 133 mhz and my gp goes to 252mhz and I tried it with batteries and adapteur so no dead batteries... I'll try another roms... btw ishar 2 behaves in the same way and gungeon master too if I swith the sound off or try it with higher clockspeed...
DM should be fine.. make sure you use the disk image from my website. (I wrote a letter to the authors about it but no reply.. but other sites host it.. so...)

I know at least a few people have played through the entire game end to end :)

LOOM posted on May 5 2005 at 05:54 PM said:
They all work in castaway 16.0 I don't know why... Ishar 2 is great game go and try it everyone!

yeah I had exactly the same kind of unexplained troubles with my roms using the last version of Castaway too.... and I'm playing the same kind of games than you (in this case Ishar 2)... the only way to make it work fine again was to play it on a old version of Castaway...
btw yes Ishar 2 is really an awasome game that I do recommand to everyone :)
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LOOM posted on May 6 2005 at 05:40 PM said:
Yeah it' excellent... How can you heal your characters? (Except first aid and sleeping)

I'm using the first aid skill in the action menu mainly as you do... Then I know, from the manual (got it on Amiga), that it exist a way to create your own potions but I haven't find yet the cauldron (this game is really ... "huge" & damn hard imo, each fight is always a big fight lol & I'm the kind of guy who refuse to use a walkthrough to finish a RPG/Adventure game) ;p Maybe some of these potions can be used to heal ppl....
I also suppose that some spells could help you recover during battles (not sure again...)
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also priests and scholars have healing spell which is MUCH more effective than first aid and to create potions you need a kettle (in Ishar 2). I have original pc versions of all ishars too, I can't remember how old they are:)
The latest CaSTaway does have some floppy emulation changes, which I may roll back; it causes problems with 'writes' and formatting, but reads should be okay.