Uk Help For Bricked Wiz


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Dec 4, 2008
Derby, United Kingdom
My Wiz died a death on attempting to upgrade to firmware 1.2.6
I mean its stuck on black screen of death - no logo, screen just stays black
Have attempted a reset, removed battery hoping to discharge nand, re-charged battery overnight
All i get is the black screen of death and blue light to say its on
Now from what i have been reading it seems a serial cable/break out board may work
How do I get one?, can i buy one?, can I borrow one of someone in UK, or send my wiz to someone in UK to have a look?
I`ll gladly pay any and all costs - i just dont want to post abroad

Help coz I miss my Wiz
Some people says that you must to install the update twice to work ok. I suppose that you can see the side blue light, wich means you have power. Try to update with a earlier firmware version too. GPH was selling a little batch of Wiz units, but I don't know if they are now. If you can't recover, send a email to the After Sales Center in Germany (, and maybe they send a solution or they can fix it. Good luck