Usb Hub Problems


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Feb 2, 2004
Well, while I am on a Linux spree , here goes another problem
I have a generic 4 USB 1.1 hub, external powered
I plug power first into it, then plug it to computeer, computer sees it as hub, lights for power and each of 4 ports lite up, and power lites from dim to bright

I do same procedure with the GP32 , plug USB hub into wall, start GPLinux, connect USB cord>FEMALE-FEMALE Adaptor>USB HUB PC cord to GP and then to HUB, nothing happens
3 of the 4 lights above each of 4 ports are real dim , same as power
plugged an optical mouse into each procedure at the end, mouse only lit up on the PC procedure, nothing as expected on the GP32 procedure

so, is there a sommand line prompt to enter host mode and get the HUB to work?
or does the MicroWindows Realease 2 off of GPLinux website not work?
Or, is something else the problem?
I wouldnt think the female to female is , because here's the last wierd piece of this puzzle

I plug power into HUB, light for power lit up dim red
Plug USB line that is run to OFF GP32, power light goes bright
turn on GP, light goes dim
And, in my second of 3 descriptions, when I plug in during Linux being open, nothing happens, turn off GP, light goes from dim to BRIGHT!


please help me, I am very eager to get down with using GPLinux to break the 128 ( or 32 in my case ) meg barrier


I suspect the hub detects when a pc is there using the 5volts from the pc. It won't use the 5 volots for power just to detect that a pc is present.
You could try opening the hub and connect the 5volts power source to the pc usb connectoron the hub. This way the hub is initialised all the time.