Release VCMI - A rewrite of the Heroes of Might and Magic III Engine


Mar 9, 2011
This is a build for the pandora of:
"VCMI - Heroes of Might and Magic III"
"the project aiming to recreate best turn-based strategy ever!"

Thank you VCMI-Team for this great piece of software!!!

This is still beta software (as announced by the VCMI-Team) and got a big update this June.

If you find any Bugs, they're mostly bugs of the VCMI-Software itself... Not BUGS of my port ;)

Search and report them here:

VCMI Bug Tracker

VCMI Help & Bugs

You need the official Data files to run this. This can get realy tricky...
There is a script distributed by the guys of the VCMI-Team called vcmibuilder (
It can extract differnt install sources and download the needed free files (I tried to pack all the free ones into the pnd).
Here is a full HowTo:


### Updates ###

# 20140322

updated to vcmi-0.95

- many changes regarding campaigns

see official vcmi forum or svn for changelog:

- still issues with ingame buzzing music (see posts)

# 20131208
updated to vcmi-0.94
see official vcmi forum for changelog:
removed resolution script (was to confusing)

# 20130707

I just tried Notaz "Improved SDL".

Regarding how you scale the game it is quite readable/playable when you use it...

Will build a script, that lets you choose a few resolutions before gamestart...

Build a script, that lets you choose a SDL resolution at gamestart.

The game should be quite playable NOW!!!

# 20130708

800x600 will now be set as the standard ingame resolution if you start the game for the first time or delete appdata/vcmi.yeoldegrove/.vcmi
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VCMI is in the development for several years (i think 3 or 4). They are almost done, version 0.93 but it will take some time (6-12 month my guess) until they are finished. Most of them are computer science students from Poland. I have lurked over a year in their forums :p .

Edit: Report some bugs here, the vcmi are listening:
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I have to try this out. Heroes III is one of the best PC games I have ever played, so.. ..This is just amazing. Seems like you have Wake of Gods running as well, amazing.
I bought the full version on GOG, copied them in the appdata directory, the game launches, but it crashes when I go in the castle.

I used the last version of VCMI with scaled and 800*600 resolution.
I used the last version of VCMI with scaled and 800*600 resolution.
The resolution you choose before the game starts is "only" the resolution for the SDL-scaller...

You need to specify a resolution in the ingame menu (when you've loaded a map, click on the computer icon in the right, then on "high"). Here 800x600 is the best too.

The buggy 800x480 is standard at the moment...

I'll choose 800x600 as the new standard-resolution in my next build to avoid these crashes!!!
Is it just me or when you chose another mode of difficulty, the game crashes ?
Where exactly do you change difficulty? I thing there are several possibilties...

Another bug : loading saved games crash.
I know this one... You load a savegame of a campaingn right?

Try loading it with the game via "load game --> single szenario" this will work!!!

Depending on the time I have this week I'll try to report found bugs to the VCMI Team...

Or lookup if its already rewported and report yourself:

VCMI Bug Tracker

VCMI Help & Bugs
When I launch a campaign, I choose the reward and on the right I can modify the difficulty. I you choose another, the loading screen keeps on loading then.

Ok for loading game, I try :)

EDIT : Tried, it works Thanks !
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after I select the resolution I see a black screen flash as if it is initializing but then nothing happens. I put my Heroes 3 complete folder from a GOG install in the appdata as specified. Am I missing something?
Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is one of my all time favorite PC games and I would die to play it on the go on my Pandora...

However: I am not able to get it running at all.

I am a noob so please anyone help me out on this!

Here's what I did:

I installed the PND on my Pandora.

I downloaded the HoMM 3 Complete on GOG and put the installation folder to appdata/vcmi.yeoldegrove/.vcmi.

I try to launch the game: I get the following message:

No initial free VCMI data files found!!! The free VCMI data files will now be copied to [appdata]/vcmi.yeoldegrove/.vcmi. Please wait for the confirmation!

I wait for the confirmation. Then I get the following message:

Copying files to [appdata]/vcmi.yeoldegrove/.vcmi finished!!! Please put your whole installation folder or data created with vcmibuilder to [appdata]/vcmi.yeoldegrove/.vcmi now. Relaunch PND afterwards!!!

I have already put my installation folder to the specified directory, click OK and relaunch the PNG but all I get is the same 2 messages all over again...

What am I doing wrong. I am sure it is just a beginner's mistake but please could anyone explain what to do step by step to me??

That would be most appreciated!!