VCMI - a HoMM 3 recreation


Still Fresh
May 2, 2006
I suppose many of you still remember the golden years of the Heroes of Might and Magic series, and especially the third-installment of those games. I for one still to this very day play Heroes 3 occasionally, and the good news is that a team are aiming to recreate the Heroes 3 engine from scratch and thereby this game can be enjoyed on other gaming platforms/OS than Microsoft's Windows. The new engine gives a lot of new possibilities for further modification of the game mechanics and addons done by the community, as the newly written engine doesn't have the same limitations as the original Heroes 3 engine have.

VCMI homepage

So why am I writing this on the Pandora forums? As many of you may know the native resolution of Heroes 3 is 800x600, and that resolution does not quite fit on the 800x480 Pandora display. But the good news is that there have been suggestions of making the game work on mobile 800x480 displays because this is a common resolution on mobile devices (cellphones and so on). 800x480 resolution Topic

VCMI version 0.82 is the newest revision of this engine, but even though the game can be played and all (after Heroes 3 with the Wake of the Gods mod is copied into the same folder as VCMI), it's still missing features.