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Jul 17, 2003
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Viva Vic is now playable on the GP2x on the Vic20 using Vice2x Alpha 1 from Snaff. here are links to needed files and reviews.

VICE 2X by Snaff

Donate to Mike / Snaff from the link on his page I have - it makes sense for 6+ emulators.

Download the Zip file of games .prg files and a .D64 vic disk image from my website (These are all Freeware from Jeff Minter) or from Llamasoft directly. The .D64 is not currently supported on Vice2X but hopefully will be soon.

Download xvic16k.gpe from my site and install into your Vice directory to launch a 16k expanded Vic 20 needed for some of the games.

Copy the .prg files into the VICE directory and autostart them from the menu.

Link to my website with the files


VIVA VIC - The Llamasoft VIC20 Collection

This is a collection of all the original games by Jeff "Yak The Hairy" Minter of Llamasoft. Awesome Sonix and GFX ! Thanks Jeff they are great fun.

Deflex -
3.5K very basic text mode graphics. Place deflectors in the path of a bouncing ball and try and steer it to hit the number target. Simple but addictive.

Gridrunner -

3.5K so tight on memory that Jeff had to use his initials only on the title screen. Centipede - but more 'heavy metal'.

Abductor -
3.5K Ship at the bottom blaster with a hint of defender.

Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time -
3.5K Designed on a bus in Portugal. Nice Strobing. Difficult. Control the Llama left and right and move the reflecting ceiling up and down to angle the reflected spit at the spiders. Unique gameplay.

Andes Attack -
8K or 16K Started life as Defenda but the name changed so as not to upset Atari.

Traxx -
8K or 16K Based on Amidar, used Expanded Screen for the first time. Launched at PCW '82, tune drove 'em all mad.

Laser Zone -
8K or 16K One of Jeff's favourites featuring his best zap sonix by forcing the VIC sound chip to 'freak out'. Control two ships at once and protect each other with diagonal fire.

Matrix -
8K or 16K Gridrunner rewritten for 8K incorporating the extra features missed out in the 3.5K version. Jeff says its better on the VIC than on the C64.

Hell Gate -
8K or 16K Jeff's last VIC20 game and could take the distinction of being the fastest video game ever created. The split concentration idea is carried to the limit with four ships under simultaneous control. They will probably found schools of meditation on this one in years to come...
A very hard blaster and very unique gameplay.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do and marvel what a man can do with 3.5k of memory.

There are more Jeff Minter classics for Atari, Spectrum and C64 and C16 & Plus/4
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