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Apr 11, 2003
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So folks...with the recent bombshell that is GenEmu by the now GP32 divinity ZardozJones, i ask the inevitable question - what next for the little handheld console of joy? Whats the next priority in your opinion?

Behold the contenders...first the unemulated

Amstrad CPC...the "other" 8 Bit machine of the 1980s, capable of being worse than the Spectrum or better than the C64 depending on the game!

and of course...

Commodore Amiga...yes its unlikely we could ever get full speed A500 emulation -but its got to be worth a pop surely even if a majority of its titles are now emulated on the Atari ST, Genesis and SNES.

Or do you think its more important to improve on the most popular and one of the least known handhelds; The Atari Lynx and The Game Boy Colour?
I vote for Amiga. Even if it won't go full speed on everything, perhaps some small and easy emulated games can be enjoyed atleast. Ofcourse, AGA chipset and 020 CPU is out of the question, but an A500-only optimized version of UAE perhaps?
1 - Amiga
2 - GBC
3 - Lynx

...but I prefer improved versions of existing emulators more than new emulators.
First of all I'd like to see an improved version of GPEngine (save SAVE! And 60fps with sound in all games :rolleyes: ), and then an improved GenEmu (SOUND!). For what concernes SNES... it would be a dream to see it running at fullspeed with sound and without fskp. :p

.......and MAME? I think it could easily emulate 1000-1500 games on a GP32 (the others on GP64).
:p Turbo DUO cd games, memory permitting, these are rather older and not much more advanced than regular 16 bit games other than some nice cut scenes, i think it would be possible.
Atari Lynx in this case.
Amigaemu is only a dream on gp32, it will never happen.
Gameboy colour badly needs to be emulated better. There are so many PC emus with source available. A lot of emu coders seem to use the Gameboy as their first project so it must be a nice machine to emulate.

The current GPVGB version is so nearly there it hurts (seems fast enough, just needs a bit of speed syncing & sound improvement). There are so many great gameboy games designed for handheld use. The Gameboy emulators were what finally made me decide to buy my GP one year ago and after a slight dissapointment, the recent version that ran on my (fussy) GP got me really excited, but it's just lacking on a few tweaks.

never know, maybe LittleJohn will support Gameboy, I'd love to see the games in a 'nice' full-screen like the GBA does.

Oh, and proper Super Gameboy support too, maybe with editable colour mapping like that old DOS gameboy emu did - can't remember it's name, actually wasn't it VGB... is that what GPVGB is a port of? I always thought the V stood for Versus.
I vote for an improved GB / GBC Emu - it could reach full speed, sound and everything else and the gameboy has really great games
Oh yeah, Axeman, glad to see the meet-up went well, I would loved to of come but I was in hospital a whole week, I thought it would only be a day (missed ECTS too... damn I wish I'd played on that Mariokart rig.)

Shame really, as I'm pretty unstoppable at multiplayer bomberman. ;)
Votet for GB/C
it the best and shouldn't be hard to get it fullspeed with sound (perfekt)...
besides that im intrestet in a better lynx emu.. but that comes after gb :)
why have amiga when most of the games are done by ATARI ST and Megadrive which have a higher chance of getting near 100% than the amiga emu.

having played on the gbc i find that the games are suited to the GP32 control system and have a wide varid range of games that are fun to play and is likely to be more complete emulator than an amiga.

I personally would love to see an Amstrad CPC emulator but i can understand peeps wanting a decent GBC emulator - it is tailor made for GP32 emulation.

I hadnt realised GPVGB was that far developed too...might have helped if id checked it out :D

Genuine thanks to the mod who amended the thread title and allowed replies - a mistake on my part :blink:

Youre welcome to add MAME emualtion as i totally forgot about it :D
whats mame?

o yeah that arcade thingy :D that would be nice but how many people have legal roms to go with it?
GB/C, those games are designed to play on a handheld, and thus work much better than for example lemmings for the Atari ST (whose lemmings are tiiiiny).

Generally speaking I considering it more important to have decent emulators of handheld systems (such as gbc, wonderswan, lynx etc) than that of the stationary consoles. Since the games for the handheld works so much better than those made for a large TV.
Although I would love to have versions of hose emu'd I would much prefer to see MAME running a hundred or so games.

And - I agree that I'd like to see some of the emulators we already have completed to a more 100% degree.

HZ :ph34r:
I prefer to see improvements made to the Genesis and SNES emulators and then also to the Lynx emulator.

It isn't the processor that kills Amiga 500 emulation because it's just a standard 68000.
It's the Amiga custom chipset that will break emulation because this is a tough one.

I'm up for what somebody else has allready said on this site; let's wait for the finished version of UAE for PDA's. Using that as a base will probably be a bit more realistic.
Amiga Kicks A**!!! I Still got the Original Amiga with well over 500 Games :D