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Gone for lynx. GBC does deserve some improvement, but its so nearly there we can wait a bit - Lynx, on the other hand, is really only there in part. Needs another stab by someone, since there were a couple of very nice games for it (I think). Which I'd really like to try.
moz posted on Sep 4 2003 said:
why have amiga when most of the games are done by ATARI ST and Megadrive which have a higher chance of getting near 100% than the amiga emu.
Because the atari versions sucks eggs thru garden hoses compared to the Amiga versions?
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1. Full speed SNES emulation // C'mon it must be possible the NES ran so smooth
2. Full speed GBC emulation // Would be cool :D
3. Full speed Genesis emulation // Soooooooohooooonoic

The GOLDEN rule :
First make things perfect
Second start new things
I'm also for good GBC emulation (full speed, full sound, database like castaway/Nester/LJGP).
I also offered to pay 50 Euro if such an emulator is being developed for the spanish emulator contest...
Well, if the contest is over and there is no emulator there, I'm still willing to pay 50 Euro!

Why? Well, the GBC has a lot of good games, and it should easily and fast be emulatable at full speed!

Amiga emulation would take a while to code, but I think GB can be developed as fast as NES (which were a few weeks, looking at Nester and LJGP).

So first GBC and then Amiga!
Lynx for has great versions of:-

calafornia games
todds adventure in slimeworld
chips challenge

BBC micro would be cool for a the original version of exile and Mr E

I can take or leave the amiga as I'm an ST man through and through
Amiga for me, though I would *love* to play Atari Lynx version Chip's Challenge on my GP32.
I voted Lynx; there are just so many great games for it, even though only 48 or so ever came out.
Imagine Battlewheels on the GP32. :)


Or S.T.U.N. Runner:

Blue Lightning:

Battlezone 2000:

Ms. Pacman:

Well, you get the idea... ;)
I hope that any upcomping GBC emu can play GB games as well, but iirc the real GBC could take GB cartridges, couldn't it? or was that the GBA?
Call me crazy but I vote that all the half done emulators are finished - No offense to all the coders but I`d rather have a few complete emulators than a lot of half finished stuff - SNES emulation so far is not really worth playing and most emulators available are unfinished.

Now I`d love an Amiga Emulator cos I used to code 4 the machine but I`d rather wait and get what we have already got working properly
ESN, you said there were only 48 games for Lynx, 48 great games or 48 total, I think you have the lynx and jaguar mixed up, the Lynx had a total library in the U.S. of about 100 games, the Jaguar only had maybe 50 after Telegames released its final games. I voted Lynx myself due to the fact that Roadblaster would be great as well as RAMPAGE, who doesn't like being a giant monster destroying towns. :lol:
The life of the amiga extended way beyond the ST, and most of the stuff that came out later on both platforms was better on the amiga. +the wonderfull demo scene. It would be difficult...but not impossible. And as it's a wish list, i'llhave an Amiga Emu please! To be honest I love strategy games, and adventures (western style being my favourites)
So games i'd love to play that the ST didn't have are:

UFO (XCOM, there is an Amiga 500 version)
Hired guns
Battle Isle
Alien breed
Project X
and loads more...
I hear that, Neomorpheus.

I'd like to see Mame done. Sure Mame's 20 meg big, but I don't exactly want to play Area 51 with it's Gig sized hard disk emulated, just the trully old stuff. Donkey Kong, Pacman, Mr Do!, Galaga, Asteroids, Defender, Battlezone and erm... Raiden :D (okay, maybe Raiden's pushing it!).

Oh, and moz, I have eleven legal roms. They're not as difficult to get hold of as you might think.

The custom chips (coppers) in the Amiga will mean that it will never be emulated successfully on GP32. The reason the ST works is because it's just the cpu and sound chips to worry about.

And the reason the Amiga games look and perform the same as many of their ST counterparts was because they were ports. Spend 3 months writing a game for the ST. Spend one day porting it over to the Amiga without putting ANY optimizations in for the superior hardware and double your potential customer base for exponentially less work.