Weird case issues


Sep 12, 2006
Quebec, Canada
Second time I'm having those issues... :s

My lid, where the hinge is and from left to right, is cracking. A LOT. Like I think my pandora's gonna get apart...

I know I've read somewhere the plastic mix wasn't that good at all.. If I buy a new case, will I get the same plastic?

Oh, the case is 2 months old.... My old pandora had a brken LCD cable I've repaired myself and decided to change the case that had cracks near the hinge...

Thanks alot.

There has been a case revision that addresses this issue. I just don't know when they'll be available for purchase. Also will be interesting to see if this case revision fixes this and other cracking issues.

My case has a crack in the hinge, but it broke clean and hasn't continued. I hope to fix my case with a better replacement as well. Hopefully retire #14 once and for all when I get a new German Pandora+ next month or in March.
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My new case (over 1 month old) has a crack in the front frame and one in the back near the hinge. I am watching to see if the cracks will develop more over time. Despite these cracks the new case certainly has a more solid feel than the original so maybe the plastic mix has improved in this one, and hopefully more so in the next batch of cases to prevent the cracking issue.