"what Does This Mean?" - The Newcomers' Glossary

Esn said:
Even I don't get those two.

Where's the original thread?
That milk stuff is from a post from a disturbed Spaniard, IIRC. Should be somewhere in lol files, I guess.

Here it is:
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It's a bit outside of the scope of the glossary itself, but I'll explain it here. :p

It's a "leetspeak" mangling of the word 'fear', which replaces the "f" with the similar-sounding "ph", and changes the letters "e" and "a" to numbers.
Murphy's Law being personified and referred to simply as "Murphy" or "Murphy's back" when talking about delays or expected delays, has also become a bit of a forum meme.

Although fairly easy to decode it might be good to add to the list.

Great list btw. ;)
Prometheus said:
@mali - Thanks much. :)

The forum dialect section is lacking, so I'll think about the above suggestions - but on the other hand I certainly don't want to be unpleasant to anyone. :p (This is why the "What's your order number?" definition is as simplified as it is, and will stay that way - let those who were there recognise it, but there's no need to keep dredging it up for those who missed it. That's not fair on anyone who was involved. It's only there to explain why people keep saying it.)
Just for a minute there I thought you were explaining "What's your order number?" to Mali. ROFL :p
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Thanks :D
I would have liked a more 'dark' badge, but they were out :lol:
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Hi there Prometheus... this is a great glossary you've got here, much appreciated.

I'm here to request that you add another definition: "Magic Nub Dance"

Now before anyone flames me for some reason or another because they feel that MND isn't a definable term that belongs in a glossary... I might say that the MND is a gp32x original term and someone new here would have no clue what we're talking about when we say "Magic Nub Dance."

One could argue that the MND would be better described in an article on the wiki... but then you could apply that argument to any of these terms with equal validity.

I DEFINITELY don't think that the MND should be defined here instead of the wiki... just that it also belongs in the glossary, at least in summarized form.




Prometheus said:
Thanks very much, guys. :) PM me if anything needs adding, though - just in case I miss any posts in here, please. (I've probably missed some forum dialect stuff, no doubt. :p )

I read that... I swear... the PM part just somehow slipped through the cracks.
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Haha, the Magic Nub Dance! I love it, and you're right, it definitely deserves to be in there, since so many people call it that (I can just imagine a newcomer reading it and thinking "What on Earth...?" :lol: ).

I'll write that one up later, and finally get around to sorting through the rest of what's been suggested as well.
Sorry to double-post, but I just wanted to make a note that I've tweaked some of the pre-existing entries, and added a few new ones.