Whats The Best Gba Emulator?


Still Fresh
Nov 12, 2011
I use the Caanoo and love it! No more emulating on a laptop for me. I would rather have an actual unit do it for me. OK so I have Dr. Pocket SNES which is just awesome. Don't even have to OC the CPU to get it to go around 60 fps on Legend of Zelda link to the past. But that is the only SNES game I like. Seeing as SNES is so old I was just 1 or 2 when Link to the past came out. Anyway I have tried using gpsp... It's nice but the audio is choppy. And I have a few games I would like to play on that and the audio choppiness just kills me. So is there a better GBA emulator? Because I have a small list of games I would like to play. Golden Sun 1 & 2, Advance Wars 1 & 2, and a bunch of Zelda games too of course. And I can't play if audio is choppy. I OC the CPU still choppy and the game runs faster, like way too fast... Like imagine watching a movie with it being fast forwarded the whole way through...

I've only had the Caanoo for a day now. And it is beyond what I expected. I love it. I would rather have this than a PSP if I were given the choice. I have a dream one day we will have a handheld device that can play an N64 emulator flawlessly, So I can play Majora's mask and ocarina of time, even with rumble pack enabled as well.


Apr 26, 2011
your dream has come true on pandora console you can play loads of n64 games inc zelda ocarina of time but majora mask work but freezes in 3rd tunnel but you can play these games in full speed mario 64,lylat wars,fighters destiny 1,2,ridge racer racer 64 and many others.
I thought gpsp is quiet good,i can hear any choppy sound,i played sonic advance 1,2,3, and crazy taxi they ran all good and there isn't better emulator on caanoo,i'm afraid.
Pandora has visual boy advance,which is the best gba emu on any portable system to date.
If you want to play even better emulators you should buy pandora,which is a games console/mini pc in one.
I have both consoles and they do have there disadvantages.