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Apr 5, 2009
Milan, Italy
Where can I download emulators for the pandora I serchead but i didn't found anything yet Could someone give me a link
If you mean like Pandora-based game console emulators, then I dunno, but you probably don't need those yet anyway.

If you mean like a PC-based Pandora emulator, that's not exactly available for some reason, sorry. You can emulate the OS, but I don't think the GPU is emulated yet, so it's not useful for anything, really.
ok, but i want to order it so i prefer to start immediately playing and not searching games and emulators for last thing.
Only give me the link.
Most stuff will go here, when it's ready:

Note that most stuff isn't ready, so it's not there.

There were a fair few things to test in the beta testing forums of the old board, so you might be able to find those once it's working again.

Or you could just wait until the emu devs get proper hardware, and release things properly to the archive.
The console is not out yet. Even those who ordered theirs back in september (?) last year didn't get theirs yet. A lot of emulators will pop up once the first developers receive their Pandora. Until that point you don't have to care about such things.
MY GOSH WAIT. sorry.

however, without a doubt, they will make it clear where to download them when the thing ships.
You probably wont be to first to recieve the pandora if you ordered from the 1st batch, so there will be enough time to download some apps. Btw cpajuste's emulators are already up on the web.