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    Oldplay V0.97

    Well, I'll be sure to pass on that comment to those that rip KSS files. :P Though I have to say in all honesty most developers of plugins or players for other platforms seem to handle it fine. The only sloppily written M3U-files I've come across, when it came to KSS, included directory...
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    Hexbattle For Gp32 And Gp2x

    Proximity Wars for the GP? Excellent! :D
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    Gp2x Featured In Issue 12 Of Free Software Magazine

    Free Software Magazine is a free magazine covering all sides and aspects of the free software "industry". This issue contains 10 articles for your enjoyment. This "more" being for instance an article about the gp2x by Steve Goodwin. More specifically its Linux capabilities. And interesting...
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    Multi-format Game Music Player? :P
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    Gp32 Commercial Support

    Yeah, but the announced Capcom games weren't made by Capcom at all. :) The licenses were given to a korean developer (GP themselves?) who could then port the games to the GP32. Same goes for Street Fighter Zero 3, Breath of Fire and (non-Capcom) Guilty Gear X. And does it need to be a game? It...
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    Windows Nt .wav Editor

    Wait, n'rmind. Says it's incompatible with 95 and NT4. You still could try it, but I don't think so then. :\
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    Windows Nt .wav Editor

    Audacity is what I use. Don't know whether it'll work under NT, but I say it would. And it's free.
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    Ogg Questions

    Use Variable Bitrate (VBR) instead of Constant Bitrate (CBR). Though present in other formats as well it's one of the strong points of OGG. You can just use quality settings then. I mostly use 2 for smaller filesizes, though to me it's as good as 128kbps MP3 files. And if I want to match with a...
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    Desktop Sounds

    Using on of Willbe's soundschemes. Quite nice, nothing in your face but actually quite suitable background sounds.
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    Chinese Handhelds

    A small page a friend and fellow GP32-user keeps on this line of handhelds: I've seen it. Pretty nifty device for retro-lovers. :)
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    Litestep has indeed been down for a long time now. Currently a discussion is going on in the LS-mailinglist to resurrect the site, however they're breaking their heads over how to handle the massive amount of traffic. So for the time being just visit sites like or...
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    Doctor Who

    Seen it (both leaked and on air), loved it, not a Brit. :P Sue me?
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    GP32 Libmikmod

    Congratulations on porting the latest libmikmod! :) Seems really exciting, with the bugfixes and new formats, compared to the 3.1.10 library. Now if anyone would like to update MikPlay32 or create a brand, spanking new player from scratch I'd thoroughly support this initiative. ^^
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    Triple Triad....

    Or try a neat stand-alone version at
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    Doctor Who?

    Oh, there are already some two-parters confirmed, so don't worry about "cliffhangers'. :P Seen the first ep as well, curious though about the new theme-tune, as that wasn't included in this version. Can't wait for the new series to start!