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    Pandora Os On N900

    I am thinking about retiring my N900 (maybe I should have gotten a Pandora after all :-/ ) and use it as a emulation console to connect to a TV and some BT controllers. In theory this should work just fine (the TV out is quite ok and bluetooth controllers are supported too), but from my...
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    Starcraft Running On Omap3430

    There is always the N64 version though... it's not perfect but it should run just fine on the new mupen64! How about a video from someone who has access to a devboard?
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    Will The Pandora Be Able To Run Flash Games? Would be a really interesting flash game then ;)
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    Mirthkit 2d Game Dev Suite Is Now Lgpl The original author even offered help in porting it to the Pandora. Edit: Damn what the heck is wrong with this forum and links?
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    Commercial Games

    I do wonder how many of the potential Pandora buyers already own World of Goo for another platform. I bet that there is a significant overlap, and they would probably not buy it a second time.
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    Commercial Games

    I don't think indi games should be a priority, as those might actually be convinced to port their games for their own profit. Overall I would say that only if you can get a really sweet deal it might be worth the cash. Perferrably it should be a 1. Really good game ;) 2. Pushing the graphics...
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    Quake 3

    Naja du brauchst nen kompletten x-server und GTK + der GTKRadiant ist extrem schwer selbst auf dem PC zu kompilieren ;) Aber vom Prinzip her müsste der auf der Pandora zum laufen zu bekommen sein. Allerdings profitieren diese Programme wirklich extrem von mehr Auflösung... mit 800x480 wird das...
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    My Dreamcast Port, Openal & 'hello Triangle'

    Just to link it: Sort of like Steam, but with multiplatform support, and aimed at indi developers.
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    What Is Possible On 256mb Ram?

    I think Svartalf said that some of the PC ports he looked into were really running into a memory problem with only 128MB.
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    Commercial Development

    Just make sure not to develop a game that has strong direct competition from a game emulated on the Pandora. Otherwise there really isn't much of a difference to making a commercial game for the PC.
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    Ubuntu On Pandora

    Ubuntu would really be only a PR thing (it's not that different from other Linux distributions anyways). The Unbuntu MID/Mobile interface would be cool to have however (running on ubuntu or not). But sure why not... it is good publicity after all. P.S.: I don't think a full blown desktop with...
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    Pandora Interface?

    Well maybe you could just "rip" the nice Ubuntu MID interface (which all it's polish) and use it as the default interface on what ever Linux you are using right now?
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    Which Sound Library To Use?

    OpenAL? Not sure if this is also an option: and
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    Fullspeed Amiga auf der Pandora!

    Ist das A500/600 Emulation oder A1200? (sorry bin nicht so der Amigafreak das ich das von den Spielen erkennen könnte ;) )
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    liefer umfang pandora?

    Und genau die meinte ich auch :)