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    Your pandora has been shipped

    My Pandora has finally arrived yesterday from ED. What a wonderfull system, works out of the box. Excellent PND file system. DOSBOX, PSX and N64 emulation is gold. Clearly the PND filesystem is clearly the most innovating one, both technical and end-user friendlyness. Well worth the wait!
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    Got Your Pandora? Tell Us Your Order Date!

    new gpark with 3d acceleration ...sigh
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    Keep Track Of The Latest Pandora Development!

    lol Holland is up agains Brazil... but I have a Dingoo to nurish my wait ;)
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    I Have A Idea. Why Dont Release A Pandora Slim Edition In Future

    Touche! Why spend alot of money on style rather than technical improvement.
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    Love The Pandora, But Mines On Ebay

    I understand the Pando didn't work out for you. If I were you I'd wait a little longer because Apple isn't going to be the key player in tablet pc's anymore. I predict their Ipad is going to be dropping sky high because of the lack of ports and the high price.
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    Dutch Get-Together

    just anything except Delft station please ;) it's a shitty connection
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    Dutch Get-Together

    Well... I work in Leiden near CS. And while the large majority is enjoying the weather im stuck inside the office :P
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    Linaro......good News For The Pandora!?!?

    Saw this on a news website... they planned to release their first distro in 6 months... im curious.
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    Mame 106 Any Thoughts?

    I would be happy if afterburnerII and ChaseHQ works.
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    Pandora 2

    p2 : more ram 3G
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    Oh Shit

    fuck the volcano, everythings gonna be alright.. Last 2 weeks ago it also spewed out ashes but that didn't stop the casings to be delivered to the UK
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    Are There Any Pandora's Left For Sale?

    ah salvation at last
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    I The Red Baron

    it's an ancient dos simulator game...
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    The Youtube Video Thread!

    yay snes! yay quake!